Qarhan Salt Lake
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Qarhan Salt Lake

Update: Sep. 25th, 2012

Qarhan Salt Lake

Qarhan Salt Lake- Introduction

Qarhan Salt Lake is a salt lake in west of Qinghai Province, China. It is located in south part of Qaidam Basin, cross Golmud and Dulan County. It is formed by the Dabuxun Lake and the ponds in south Huobuxun, north Huobuxun and Seniie. It covers 5856 square kilometers. Due to continuous evaporation, there is hard salt-roof rock over the lake surface. The Qinghai-Tibet Railway and Qinghai-Tibet Highway were directly built on the salt-roof rock. The Qarhan Salt Lake is with rich sodium chloride, muriate, magnesium chloride and other mineral salt. The total reserve can reach over 2 billion tons. It is one of the mining industry bases of China.

Qarhan Salt Lake - Legend

There is a legend about Qarhan Salt Lake. Long long ago, there are various treasures in Qarhan. But the mountain deities and ghosts were greedy. They often fought with each other to snatch the treasures. The battles cause serious disasters. The Queen Mother of the West who was living in the Kunlun Mountain known it and decided to solve this problem. She asked the Water Deity to drop some water there, to submerge the treasures so that no one can get the treasures. So, the Qarhan Salt Lake be there. In fact, the Qarhan Salt Lake was formed by the earth crust movement.

Qarhan Salt Lake - Scenery

At Qarhan Salt Lake, all green plants almost can not survive. But,it breeds magic pinches of salt which is as translucent as jade.The pinches of salt are beautiful crystals which formed when the salt in the lake crystallize. Due to the thickness, time range and content of brine is different, there are various salt crystals in various shapes. The salt crystals are in shapes of pearl or coral, or in the figures of pavilions or animals. Clumps of salt crystals are towering in the salt lake, and decorate it as beautiful as paradise.

The ten thousand zhang long salt bridge is a part of road which cross Budaxun Lake from Golmud to Dunhuang. This natural salt bridge is about 15 meters to 18 meters thick, and about 32 kilometers long. Hence, people praised it as "Ten Thousands zhang Salt Bridge". The surface of this "bridge" is very smooth and flat.The lake and mountain reflect on each other, presenting a unique scene. The jade belt style salt bridge is without guardrail on both sides and piers and stream under it. The salt bridge surprisingly divides the salt lake into two parts from the center. This wonderful work of natural attracts ten thousand travelers come every year.

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