Lhatog Zang Lake
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Lhatog Zang Lake

Update: Mar. 1st, 2013

Lhatog Zang Lake

Lhatog Zang Lake – Brief Introduction

Lhatog Zang Lake is located in Zang Village in Lhatog Country, Lang County of Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet. It is about 35 kilometers away from the down town of Lang County. The altitude of Lhatog Zang Lake is 3700 meters. It consists of five lakes with different sizes. These five lakes separately are Wanyu Painzui Lake, Feng Tashi Lake, Holy Horse Lake, Circle Lake and Tail Lake. These lakes, connecting together through streams, are in the shape of crescent moon and round. The Lhatog Zang Lake formed by gathering mountain spring. The total area of lake surface is about 6 square kilometers. The average depth is about three to four meters. The water in Lhatog Zang Lake is so limpid that you can see the bottom. In Lhatog Zang Lake, there are groups of fishes and wild ducks, egret and other birds having fun. On the mountains around Lhatog Zang Lake, there are green and flourishing pines and cypresses, colorful azaleas and flying bees. The Lhatog Zang Lake is as beautiful as paradise.

It is introduced by local people that the formation of Lhatog Zang Lake is related with a beautiful and kind-hearted princess. That's Princess Wencheng.

Lhatog Zang Lake – Legend

According to legend, there were serious droughts in Lhatog so that the life of local people was very hard. When came across drought, people in Lhatog had to go out to beg for foods.

After known thing new, Princess Wencheng decided to look for water resource for local people. She and 49 workers spent 49 days to reach the Lhatog Village. Then, they spent other 49 days to look for water resource all over mountains and plains. At last, they found a sand hole which was bubbling. With the command of Princess Wencheng, workers dug for 100 days, but they did not found water. Princess Wencheng was worrying about that.

One night, Princess Wencheng decided to dig the hole by herself without letting other workers know that. When she just shoveled, a spring poured forth immediately. Princess Wencheng was so happy about that. She dug with all her strength, and there were more spring water. Suddenly, the spring water reached the waist of Princess Wencheng. She put off the shovel in her hand and waked up workers to run to higher places. It was unexpected that five pearls on shoes of Princess Wencheng dropped onto group. After reached safe place, they looked back and found that spring water had submerged the barren valley and formed five beautiful lakes.

The water in lakes is blue, with bright moon, white clouds and snow mountains reflecting on the lake surface. The scene is very grand. Once looked at this scene, they burst forth into cheering. People said that these five lakes were changed from five pearls on shoes of Princess Wencheng. That's the formation of Lhatog Zang Lake.

In the view of local villages, water in Lhatog Zang Lake is holy water. To have bath with the water, evil spirits on mind and dirty things on body can be cleaned away.

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