Three-color Lake
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Three-color Lake

Update: Feb. 18th, 2013

Three-color Lake

Three–color Lake – Brief Introduction

Three-color Lake is situated in the Bianba County inTibet. It is approximately 50 kilometers far from the county center. Tourists could take the car from the county center to Three-color Lake by way of seabuckthorn forests and small beautiful Tibetan villages. Three-color Lake is about 4200 meters high.

Three-color Lake - Highlights

The three lakes belong to one lake area and they are very close to each other. The scenery of three-color Lake is amazing and breathtaking. It is hard to imagine how beautiful the lake is. There are three colors in this lake and that is why people called it Three-color Lake. They are golden, white and black. The snow mountains, thick forests, green grasslands, flying waterfalls, beautiful stones and pure clouds embrace Three-color Lake. It looks like a pearl of nature or the baby of this land. How fantastic! The white part of the lake is called Tsoga in Tibetan language. The black part is called Tsona in Tibetan language. It covers the largest acreage of this lake and connects to the while part. The white lake and the black lake look like the imagination of the son and the mother. The golden lake is called Tsosi in Tibetan language. It covers the smallest acreage of Three-color Lake. The water is golden and shining in the sun. There are three reasons of why there are three colors in the lake, but all of them are not finally confirmed yet. The first one is related to the depth of the water. The second one is related to the different mineral substances of the rocks in the lakeside. Another saying is that the aquatic plant in the lakebed influences the water color.

It is amazing that when the waterfall falls into the lake, the water color is also changed into the color of the lake water. There is a little stream between the while lake and the black lake. When the water of black lake flows into the white lake, the water color is changed into white color, too.

There are a large number of fishes in Three-color Lake. But local people never eat them because of their religious belief. It is enjoyable when the fish jumps out of the lakes.

Three–color Lake – History

The white lake, the golden lake and the black lake are said to be the reincarnation of three generals of King Gesar in Tibet history. They will not die until the lake water dried up. On 15th and 16th of June every year according to Tibetan calendar, the believers will gather here. They walk around the lake to pray for happiness, health of families, or good luck, etc.

Three-color Lake – Best Time for Travel

The best time to travel to Three-color Lake is all year around. The scenery is different in different seasons. For example, in April and May, there are many beautiful flowers and black swans. If you are lucky enough you could meet the rare argali around the lake.

Three-color Lake – Transportation

You'd better to drive the car from Bianba County of Qamdo Prefecture to Three-color Lake. Three-color Lake is 50 kilometers far.

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