Yongze Lvcuo Lake
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Yongze Lvcuo Lake

Update: Mar. 24th, 2013

Yongze Lvcuo Lake

Brief Introduction of Yongze Lvcuo Lake

Yongze Lvcuo Lake is located in Dejilin County in Rinbung County. It is about 70 kilometers away from the county town of Rinbung. According to legend, this lake can show the weal and woe of present life and future life. Consequently, Yongze Lvcuo Lake is regarded as the "holy lake which can observe human life" by local Tibetans. In legends of Tibetan Buddhism, the Yongze Lvcuo Lake is the habitation of Tashilhunpo Monastery's Guardian Deity. Tibetan will come to Yongze Lvcuo Lake to pray before searching the reincarnated soul boy of Panchen and reincarnated living Buddha of various monasteries.

The bottom of Yongze Lvcuo Lake is in the shape of the bottom of pot. The girth is about 400 meters. The altitude of Yongze Lvcuo Lake is 5300 meters. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides. The terrain of whole Yongze Lvcuo Lake is very steep, but the terrain at the entrance part is gently. The Yongze Lvcuo is on the mountain top. It looks like a bright jade on the mountain top. Water in Yongze Lvcuo is very limpid and sparkling. The bank of Yongze Lvcuo Lake is surrounded by snow-covered mountains and covered by lush grass. The bank of Yongze Lvcuo Lake is giant rock, and the bottom is flag stone.

According to legend, the Yongze Lvcuo Lake was located under long ladder rock (it is about 2 kilometers away from Holy Mountain). The terrain was plain, and road condition was very good. So, people can easily go to worship holy lake. But it can not wash their sin. In middle of 7th century, Padmasambhava came there and used incantation to move water in lake to other side of mountain and formed present holy lake. On April 14th in Tibetan Calendar, the ice on surface of the lake melts and show people smile face. The lake surface is set off by surrounding mountains and sky. From August 15th in Tibetan Calendar, the surface of lake will freeze again. It looks like a girl with scarf.

The charm of Yongze Lvcuo Lake is not only on its beautiful scenery, but also on its magical atmosphere. Due to the perfect combination of nature and humanity, it attracts large amount of pilgrims come to worship.

Best Time of Visiting Yongze Lvcuo Lake

In Shigatse Prefecture, sunshine is plenty, and climate is moderate. The annual average temperature is 6.24 degree. And weather and tourist facilities in Shigatse are very good. Consequently, you will enjoy beautiful scenery in each season of one year. But scenery in winter is not as vital as in summer.

Transportation to Yongze Lvcuo Lake

Shigatse is the transportation center of Tibet. Transportation of Shigatse is very convenient. There are 318 National Highway, Shigatse – Yadong Highway, Lhasa – Pulan Highway, China and Nepal Friendship Highway passing by Shigatse. Hence, it is very convenient to reach Shigatse. The Yongze Lvcuo Lake is located in Rinbung County of Shigatse Prefecture. You are kingly suggested to charter car in Shigatse so that you can arrange your time flexibly.

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