Buto Lake
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Buto Lake

Update: Jan. 15th, 2013

Buto Lake

Tibet Buto Lake Introduction

Tibet Buto Lake is comprised of two alpine Lakes parallel with Seqyu River. The two lakes are about 5 kilometers away from each other. Tibet Bhuto Lake is the branch of Lancang River. It is about 4560-4600 meters high.

Tibet Buto Tsoqying Lake is one of the lakes of Buto Lake and covers an area of 9 square kilometers. It is located in the west part of Tibet Buto Lake. Buto Tsoqyong Lake is the other one of Buto Lake. It is located in the east part and covers an area of 6 square kilometers. The water of those both two lakes originated from the nearby glaciers of the Snow Mountains. The terrain around the lakes is characteristic of the vast high valley basin. It is one of the best summer pastures of Qamdo Prefecture of Tibet with abundant grass resource and rich fishery resources. When summer comes, the scenery around Tibet Buto Lake is attractive and amazing. If you are planning a Tibet tour in summer, Buto Lake could be one of your destinations in your journey.

The Best Time to Travel to Tibet Buto Lake

The best time to travel to Tibet Buto Lake is in May, June and September. The climate is gentle and the road condition is fine during these months. It is also the best time to travel to Tibet.

The regions around Qamdo Bangda Airport are good for travel all year around. But some remote places of Qamdo Prefecture are not easy to travel all year around such as some highland valleys, the mountains in the valley will be totally covered with the snow and ice during the months from November to the March next year.

In the month of July and early September, the debris flow happened very frequently. Therefore the road will be closed in these months.

Tibet Buto Lake Highlights

Tibet Buto Lake is the general terms of two alpine lakes in different shapes. Buto Tsoqying is one of those two lakes. Buto Tsoqying is located in the west part of Tibet Buto Lake and covers an area of 9 square kilometers. The surface of the lake is approximately 6.4 kilometers long and about 1.4 kilometers wide. Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain is available in the north part of Buto Tsoqying. The water of the nearby glaciers is the major water resource of Tibet Buto Lake.

In November, the surface of Tibet Buto Lake will be frozen. It will be defrosted in April next year. The fishery resource is rich and abundant. Many water birds such as swan, wild duck can be easily found around Tibet Buto Lake.

The terrain of Tibet Buto Lake is characteristic of wide valley basin with a lot of grass. Therefore it is the best pasture of some nearby villages. Local people usually graze the sheep and yaks here.

The Transportation of Tibet Buto Lake

Tibet Buto Lake is located approximately 25 kilometers away from Tingqing town. The transportation is so poor that the bus is impassable to Tibet Buto Lake. We usually drive tourists to the closest place and then go for a hike to Tibet Buto Lake and enjoy the pure sceneries on the way.

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