Darguo Snow Mountain
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Darguo Snow Mountain

Update: Jan. 15th, 2013

Darguo Snow Mountain

Brief Introduction of Darguo Snow Mountain

Darguo Snow Mountain is located in Nima County, Nagqu Prefecture. It is one of holy mountains of ancient Xiangxiong Tribe, as well as one of the four great snow mountains in Tibet. Darguo Snow Mountain is very lofty and imposing, and in an infinite variety of forms. The sparkling silver snow covered peak of Darguo Snow Mountain is towering into clouds. There are seven mountains around Darguo Snow Mountain, The seven mountains look like seven brave and strong men sitting around the main peak. The seven mountains are named "Seven Brothers" or "7 Warriors" by people. The two main peaks separately are Darguo Gegenlazan Mountain and Darguo Emalzan Peak. Except for the two main peaks, there are Ganglong Lazan Jiega, Temo Lazan Sure, Jiyang Lazan Youba, Bawei Lazan Ashu and Mamo Lazan Wujiu. Each of these mountains is in an infinite variety of forms. These mountains form continuous and rolling mountain belt surrounding the grassland.

In addition, there are other eight snow mountains around Darguo Snow Mountain which are named "Garnie Riba Qiejie". The general term of these mountains around Darguo Snow Mountain is "Seven Peaks and Eight Mountains". It is said that these mountains were the gathering place of Gods of ancient Xiangxiong, as well as the main vein of 360 mountains in Xiangxiong District.

Scenery of Darguo Snow Mountain

At the mountain foot of Darguo Snow Mountain, there is Tangra Yumco which is one of the three Yumco lakes in Tibet. The Tangra Yumco is consecrated as holy lake. The Lake God attached to Tangra Yumco is named Cuomele Jiwangmuqie. It is said that she is the main god of 180 rivers and 180 lakes. When you visit the Darguo Snow Mountain in your Tibet tour, you can see the large Tangra Yumco in the color of blue. The Tangra Yumco is in the shape of Vajra. The upper side of Tangra Yumco is round, middle part is narrow and down part is long. It is surrounded by mountains on four sides. There is a lake on every side of Tangra Yumco. The limpid water flows into the lake. Around the lake, there are four pools which attract many pilgrims to have bath in it to wash out diseases and sins. The Zhagarqiongzong on east side of Tangra Yumco is the palace relic of Xiangxiong Kingdom. It is said that the cliff on east side was practice place of Tami Taige Master, as well as the place where Northern Tibet scriptures unearthed. The Darguo Snow Mountain and Tangra Yumco are the accumulation of religions, origin of wisdom and start point of history. "Darguo" and "Tangra" are Xiangxiong Language. On Darguo Snow Mountain and bank of Tangra Yumco, there are many natural wonders, such as caves, stone gong, etc. In addition, there is Selong Gangri, Maye Ganggen, Muga Guibi, Zangse Gangri, Nade Gangri and other famous mountains.

The Darguo Snow Mountain and Tangra Yumco are very beautiful. The herdsman in Northern Tibet often said that "the upper side Gangdise Range and Lake Manasarovar, middle part Darguo Snow Mountain and Tangra Yumco, and downside Nyainqêntanglha Range and Lake Namtso. They are listed as the three holy mountains and lakes of Tibet. Hence, streams of pilgrims come here to worship and circumambulate.

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