Peikutso Lake
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Peikutso Lake

Update: Jan. 14th, 2013

Peikutso Lake

Introduction of Peikutso Lake

Peikutso Lake, also named Lhtso Xintso, is located in the area of Nyalam County in Shigatse Prefecture, Tibet. It is about 250 kilometers away from the county town of Tingri. It is a large inland lake in Southern Tibet and the largest lake in Shigatse Prefecture. The area of Peikutso Lake is over 300 square kilometers. The altitude of the lake surface is 4590 meters.

The Peikutso Lake is not a salt lake. It is a brackish water lake. Thousand years ago, the Peikutso Lake was interlinked with Yarlung Zanpo. After the passage of Peikutso Lake and Yarlung Zanpo closed, the salinity of Peikutso Lake can not reach the degree of salt lake.

Peikutso Lake is about 55 kilometers away from the northwest of famous Xixiabangma Peak of Himalaya Mountains. On north side of Peikutso Lake, there is mountain separating Peikutso Lake with Yarlung Zanpo. The water surface of Peikutso Lake is about 200 meters higher than the river surface of Yarlung Zanpo. On the bank of Peikutso Lake, there are six levels well-protected terraces. The highest level of terrace is about 70 meters higher than the lake surface. That's the evidence of plateau lifting.

The Peikutso Lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides, with open terrace. The climate features of the lake area are very obvious. In the Peikutso Lake, there is rich fish resource. On the bank of Peikutso Lake, there are wild horses, Equus kiangs, Tibetan antelopes, red-crowned crane, yellow duck, grey duck and other animals.

Comparing with Lake Namtso , Lake Manasarovar, Siling Co and Yamdrok Lake, the Peikutso Lake is not as famous as them. Fortunately, the inverted image of Xixiabangma Peak (about 60 kilometers on south of Peikutso Lake) and the surf of Yarlung Zanpo (about 40 kilometers away from north side of Peikutso Lake) make this lake in the shape of gourd more attractive.

The Peikutso Lake is not as narrow and long as Pangong Tso and Balkhash Lake. The water course in middle part of Peikutso Lake is wider (the width of the narrowest part is 6 kilometers). Hence, the salinity of Peikutso Lake is increasing from south to north, but the range is not very large. The water resources on south bank of Peikutso Lake almost are glacial melt water and seasonal melt water. But most part of supplying water is not from surface runoff, but underground water.

Transportation to Peikutso Lake

Peikutso Lake is located in Nyalam in Shigatse Prefecture. You can rent a car in Lhasa, and then go along Lhasa, Shigatse, Gyantse, Saga and Jilong. Then, you will reach the lake area. If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Xixiabangma Peak, you can go to the Jiaji Ferry from Saga County. The ferry is opening from 10:00 to 18:00 in winter and from 9:30 to 19:00 in summer. On the way to Peikutso Lake, you will cross the Peikutso Natural Reserve. The cost for each car is 350 CNY. After driving out Saga, you will clearly see the Xixiabangma Peak.

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