Naimonanyi Peak
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Naimonanyi Peak

Update: Mar. 24th, 2013

Naimonanyi Peak

Naimonanyi Peak – Brief Introduction

On the south side of Lake Manasarovar, the Naimonanyi Peak towers up aside the lake. The Naimonanyi Peak was formed of new generation of granite which fully shows the grand momentum of Naimonanyi Peak. The altitude of the crown of Naimonanyi Peak is 7694 meters. Tibetans called it "Deity Mountain" or "Goddess Peak". According to legends, the Naimonanyi Peak is the fifth one of five Goddess Peaks. It was in charge of wisdom, happiness and longevity. In the area of 200 square kilometers around the Naimonanyi Peak, there are six mountains. On west side, there are several mountains in the shape of sector, with giant glacier among these mountains. The Naimonanyi Peak was opened to pubic in 1980s. As professional mountaineering activities area and scientific study area, Naimonanyi Peak ever received mountaineering activities and geological exploration activities. There, the distance of the Himalaya Range and Gandisê Range is very short. Consequently, the Nnaimonanyi Peak faces with Mt.Kailash with a lake in the middle. When you visit the holy lake, the two peaks will be in your view.

Naimonanyi Peak – Scenery

In warm season, between blue sky and green water, green grasses wind at the mountain foot like a green carpet. Between green grassland and white snow-covered peak, there is granite in dark color which forms rich landscape levels and color contrast. It makes people linger on without any thought of leaving. Because Naimonanyi Peak is closed to the river valley of Majia Zanpo (Kongqi River) on south side, the warm and wet flow from Indian subcontinent climbs up along the south slop of Naimonanyi Peak. Hence, the precipitation rises with the increase of altitude. The snow line of Naimonanyi Peak is over 2000 meters. Hence, the top of Naimonanyi Peak is a white snow world. The frequent snow and glacier activity is a wonderful landscape of Naimonanyi Peak.

Since snow on top of Naimonanyi Peak is very thick and heavy, slight change of external circumstance may cause grand snow slide. The snow slides over 1000 meters like waterfall and stirs up snow fog. The steep top and ridge of Naimonanyi Peak were carved by snow and ice activity. Near the snow line of Naimonanyi Peak, there are some snow valleys. The snow slides down from top of Naimonanyi Peak and forms glacier in bottom of these snow valleys. That's the cradle of modern glacier. The modern glacier of Naimonanyi Peak includes mountain valley glacier, suspending glacier, cirque glacier and other types. Then, the activity of ancient glacier in large scale also left some typical ancient glacier landform. The giant snow-covered peak of Naimonanyi Peak also has the effect of cooling nearby air. Especially, in warm season, the steam which is brought there by ocean monsoon forms fog and clouds around the peak. In dry cold season, you only can see a side of Naimonanyi Peak even in sunny day. You will see clouds in the shape of triangle flag rise up slowly and weave in wind. That's called "Flag Cloud".

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