Geladaindong Peak
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Geladaindong Peak

Update: Dec. 21st, 2011

Geladaindong Peak

Geladaindong Peak is the highest peak of Tanggula Mountains. Geladaindong means high and spinous peak in Tibetan.

Geladaindong Peak – Source of Yangtze River

Geladaindong Peak is located at the border of Qinghai Province and Tibet Autonomous Region. It is covered by snow all around the year. Its glaciers are the original source of Yangtze River. It is noted as the tallest peak if Tanggula Mountains.

Geladaindong stretches 50 kilometers from the south to the north and is 30 kilometers from the west to the east. There are more than 40 peaks are 6000 meters above the sea level apart from Geladaindong Peak. There are 130 glaciers and cover an area of 790.4 square kilometers. Various seracs at the end of these glaciers present an amazing landscape.

Geladaindong Peak – Glacier Landscapes

Geladaindong Peak is an ideal destination for exploration, mountain-climbing and scientific investigation. There are rare and beautiful rockcrystals, rare and precious wild animals, including Tibetan antelopes and Tibetan snow cocks. Geladaindong icebergs are mountain glaciers. The towering seracs reach 70 meters high are pretty magnificent.

Some of the icebergs look like optimus primes piercing into the sky; some of them look like exquisitely carved stalagmite; some of them look like crystal skyscrapers; some of them look like a rainbow-shaped bridge. There are also mysterious ice caves, cirques, and ice channels. Especially in summer and autumn, tourists would be surprised by the amazing landscapes: the peaks are covered with white snow or crystal ice while there are blossoming wild flowers at the foot of these peaks.

Galadaindong Peak – Climate

Galadaindong glacier area enjoys the worst climate along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. There is a large area of slope and wet land. There is a relatively high ground temperature and the taele here is of large ice content and enjoys a long frozen duration.

The temperature here is very low in spring and winter with piercing cold wind. It would be warmer in July and August. It rains frequently during this relatively warm period. The weather is also changeable in this period; there would be a hailstone in the next moment.

Geladaindong Glacier is 5231 meters above the sea level. It is a natural boundary of Qinghai Province and Tibet Autonomous Region and also the acme of the No.109 National Road (Qinghai – Tibet Road).

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