Yuzhu Peak
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Yuzhu Peak

Update: Sep. 21st, 2012

Yuzhu Peak

Yuzhu Peak

Yuzhu Peak - Introduction

The Yuzhu Peak is known as Sob Gangri Peak. The altitude of Yuzhu Peak is 6178 meters which is the highest peak of east Kunlun Mountains. It is located in the center of Qinghai Province, 10 kilometers to the east of Kunlun Mountain Pass which is about 160 kilometers to the south of Golmud. It is about 60 kilometers to the nearest residential area - Nachitai, and about 200 kilometers to Golmud. The south side of Yuzhu Peak is relatively gentle while the north side is very steep. The altitude of glacier bottom part on south slide is about 5100 meters, while the glacier on north slide stretches to 4400 meters. The top of Yuzhu Peak is covered by snow and glacier around the year, without exposed rocks. The snow and glacier covered slop of Yuzhu Peak is relatively gentle. The glacier below firm basin is quickly smelting due to high temperature and less rain. The smelting amount is larger than the accumulation amount. Hence, the glacier on Yuzhu Peak belongs to regressive type continental glacier.

The terrain and mountain shape of Yuzhu Peak is very ideal for learners in first stage. The route on the south side of Yuzhu Peak is very clear, and the requirement about climbing skills is low. But the altitude of base camp is relatively high. The route on north side of Yuzhu Peak is very complicated. On north side, there are three glaciers leading to the summit of Yuzhu Peak and with ice belt, crevasse and some other terrain on the way. Consequently, the Yuzhu is the best peak for mountain climbers who first climb snow covered mountain.

Yuzhu Peak- Climate

The climate of Yuzhu Peak District belongs to continental climate. The annual precipitation is just about 200mm. In the district where altitude is higher than 5000 meters, the precipitation will be 100mm more than the piedmont. The annual average temperature of Yuzhu Peak is 5 degree below zero. The lowest temperature can reach 30 degree below zero. The climbing season is from May to September. Among these months, there is strong wind in May and abundant rainfall in July and August. Hence, the best time to climb the Yuzhu Peak is July, end of August and early of September.

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