Makalu Peak
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Makalu Peak

Update: Jan. 6th, 2013

Makalu Peak

Makalu Peak is 8463 meters high ranking the No. 5 throughout the world, located in the middle part of Himalaya Mountain Range, east longitude 87°06', and northern latitude 27°54'. The northwest part of Makalu Peak is approximately 24 kilometers away from the Mount Himalaya. Along the northwest-southeast ridge, the north part of Makalu Peak is located in Tibet, China, the south part of Makalu Peak is situated in Nepal Kingdom.

Ice and snow cover the body of Makalu Peak all the year around. In the slope valley, the huge ice fissure appears and covers the huge glacier, which scared people a very deep valley. The icefall and avalanche are very frequent in this area. In 1955, 9 French mountaineer enthusiasts were the first time to climb over and conquer this mountain peak.

Makalu Peak - Climb Difficulties

There are 5 ridges of Makalu Peak, they are respectively Northwestern Ridge, Southwestern Ridge, Northeastern Ridge, Southeastern Ridge and Northern Ridge. The peak on the Northern Ridge is named Chomo Longsu Peak, which is 7816 meters high. The peak on the Northwestern Ridge is named the second Makalu Peak, which is 7640 meters high. The peak on the Southeastern Ridge is a little higher, which is 8010 meters. All of the top of the peaks are covered by the thick ice and snow.

The huge glaciers are distributed in the slope valleys with a lot of steep escarpments and fissures, which are very difficult for mountaineer enthusiasts to climb. Besides, the icefall and avalanche happened very frequently. That is why there are only few people climbing over this mountain peak. On the February 9th, 2009, the Italian Simone Moro with his Kazakhstan parter, Denis Urubko were the first time of the world to climb the top of Makalu Peak in winter.

Makalu Peak - Origination

Makalu is named from the Sanskrit Maha-Kala which literally means devil, but also acted as the other name of Hinduism Siva. Hinduism Siva features different temperament, sometimes play fast and loose, sometimes have no heart, sometimes kindness.

Makalu Peak - Climate

The climate around Makalu Peak is almost the same with Mount Everest. It features dry air and strong wind in winter, and rainy summer. It is characteristic of continental plateau climate. In general, the rainy season appears in early June to the midmonth of September when the strong southeast monsoon brings the rainstorm which causes the frequent ice fall and avalanche. Atrocious weather appears during the time.

Makalu Peak - Best Time for Travel

Influenced by the strong northwest cold snap, the temperature around Makalu Peak could descended to -60? from November to the midmonth of February next year, which the average temperature is about -40? ~ - 50 ?. Only during the time between the end April to the end of May, September to October, it is the transition time of windy season and rainy season, which the continuous 2/5-day good weather could appear 3-4 times. It is the best time to travel to Makalu Peak.

Makalu Peak - How to Travel to Makalu Peak

Drive the car from Lhasa to Xegar via Gyantse and Xegar along China-Nepal Highway (Friendship Highway), it is approximately 670 kilometers long and usually takes 2 days on the way. Then drive to Yopa Village via Baipa, Pazhuo and Kada, it is 120 kilometers long. Next we could drive to Makalu Peak Base Camp which is located in the northeaster part of Makalu Peak along Ganma Zangbo River, it is approximately 60 kilometers long.

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