Namjagbarwa Peak
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Namjagbarwa Peak

Update: Jan. 11th, 2013

Namjagbarwa Peak

Namjagbarwa Peak is the highest mountain in Nyingchi Prefecture, Tibet. It is 7782 meters high and ranks 15th among the highest mountain in the world. Its triangle peak body is covered with snow all year around. It is also called Shy-lady Peak since it is always surrounded by clouds and mists. Namjagbarwa means a spear pikes into the sky in Tibetan.

Namjagbarwa Peak – Brief Introduction

To the east of the big turn of Yarlung Zangbo River (the juncture of Nyingchi, Mainling, Medog and Bome), there stands the 15th highest peak in the world – Namjagbarwa Peak which is 7782 meters high. Faces the Indian Ocean, it reflects an obvious vertical landform. There is tropical rain forest in the valley while there is a white snow world above the snow line.

Various landscapes could be seen with the change of the altitude on Namjagbarwa Peak. It has a complete ecological system and it is rich in animal and plant resources. Namjagbarwa Peak is characterized by majestic appearance, precipitous shape and changeable climate.

Namjagbarwa Peak – Climate Characteristics

Namjagbarwa Peak is praised as a natural museum since it across the tropical zones and frigid zones. It has a relatively long rainy season (from May to September). It almost rains everyday between July and September. There is also a large quantity of clouds and Namjagbarwa Peak is surrounded by clouds and fogs during this period.

The dry season and the rainy season collect in February to April and October to November every year. That is the best season for mountaineers who would like to conquer Namjagbarwa Peak. But the gale is pretty strong (the gale moves at the rate of 40 meters per second) and there is a big temperature difference during that period.

Namjagbarwa Peak – Legend

There is a widely spread legend about Namjagbarwa Peak. It is said that long time ago, the God appointed Namjagbarwa and his brother Gyalabele to guard the southeastern Tibet. The younger Gyalabele was diligent in study, both his body and martial art became stronger. The older Namjagbarwa was very jealous of his younger brother. He killed Gyalabele and threw his head to Milin County in a night. Gyalabele's head turned to be the Derra Mountain.

To punish Namjagbarwa, the God ordered him stationed by Yarlung Zangbo River and accompany his younger brother forever. The legend described the characteristics of the two peaks vividly. The Gyalabele Peak has a round top since it is a peak without head while Namjagbarwa Peak is always surrounded by clouds and mists since it is ashamed.

The snow-capped mountain-top of Namjagbarwa Peak is surrounded by white and streaming clouds and mists all year around. Though the triangular top of Namjagbarwa Peak would show its appearance once in a while, it would hide itself in the clouds immediately. Namjagbarwa Peak is the Road to Heaven in the mind of the local Tibetans. They hold that the immortals are climbing up to the heaven when there are white clouds flowing around the top of Namjagbarwa Peak.

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