Shisha Pangma Peak - Climate, Best Time
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Shisha Pangma Peak - Climate, Best Time

Update: Jan. 6th, 2013

Shisha Pangma Peak

Shisha Pangma Peak is 8012 meters high and ranks No. 14 of top 14 highest mountains which over 8000 meters high of the world. It is also the only one highest mountain peak totally located and covered in China. It is situated in the middle part of Himalaya Mountain Range, east longitude 85.7°and northern latitude 28.3°, it is also one of the highest mountain peak of Himalaya Mountain Range. The southeast part of Shisha Pangma Peak is approximately 120 kilometers away from Mount Everest.

Shisha Pangma Peak - Brief Introduction

Shisha Pangma Peak literally means "the coldest weather and most abominable climate" in Tibetan language. It is located about 8012 meters high in the middle part of Himalaya Mountain Range in Nyelam County of Tibet Region.

It consists of three peaks, which the main peak is located about 200 - 400 meters away in the northwest featuring two peak tops. The two peak tops are respectively 8008 meters high and 7966 meters high. Shisha Pangma Peak is one of the center of the modern glaciers of Himalaya Mountain Range, which the Kugangri Mountain Range Glacier covers an area of 6000 square kilometers of permanent snow.

The northern hillside faces to Yebokangjiale Glacier which is 13.5 kilometers long, Geyar Glacier in east and Fuqu Glacier in south which is 16 kilometers long. The tail end of Fuqu Glacier stretches to the depth of 4550 meters of Shrub forest belt. The most attractive attraction is the serac area of the elevation of 5000-5800 meters. The shape of the serac area is beautiful and some are strange, all of which look like a crustal garden. There are a lot of legends of this holy mountain spread by Tibetan people.

Shisha Pangma Peak - Climbing Danger

There are full of criss-cross ice cracks covering in the serac forest of 5000-5800 meters elevation and sometimes the ice and snow collapse happened in this area. The situation is very hard for mountaineers to climb. On the way to the top of the mountain, the snow cover sometimes falls down, which is very dangerous.

Shisha Pangma Peak - Climate

The climate in Shisha Pangma Peak is almost the same with it around Mount Everest. In general, it is the rainy season during the month of 6-9, the rainstorm is very frequent because of the strong southeast monsoon. The climate at that time is very abominable.

During the time from November to February next year, the temperature could be descended to -60?, the average temperature is approximately -40?~-50?.

Shisha Pangma Peak - Best Time for Travel

The best time to climb the Shisha Pangma Mountain is April, May, October and November. A better climate and acceptable weather usually appears during the time, for example, the continuous 2-day good weather may appears twice or three times, the continuous 3-day good weather may appears 1-2 times, the spacing interval is approximately 5-19 days. Therefore it is the best time for mountaineers to climb the Shisha Pangma Peak.

Shisha Pangma Peak - Route

Generally speaking, we will drive from Lhasa to Xegar along China-Nepal Highway (Friendship Highway) via Gyantse and Shigatse. It is approximately 670 kilometers long. Then drive to Menhadun via Tingri, it is about 138 kilometers long. Next drive about 50 kilometers towards to the south and 20 kilometers along the highway to the north part of Shisha Pangma Peak.

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