Lang Co Lake – Mother Lake of Luoba Nationality
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Lang Co Lake – Mother Lake of Luoba Nationality

Update: Mar. 1st, 2013

Lake in Tibet

Lang Co Lake – Brief Introduction

To go toward east along the bank of Yarlung Zanpo River for forty or fifty kilometers after coming out from county town of Medog, Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet, there is a place named Dongbu Village which is the inhabitation of people of Luoba Nationality. To go to the end of Dongbu Village after turning several corners, you will see a fresh water lake which is in the shape of old woman and in the color of blue agate lying among mountains. That's the Lang Co Lake. The Lang Co Lake is not only with beautiful scenery, but also with beautiful legends about it.

Lang Co Lake is regarded as Mother Lake by people of Luoba Nationality. People of Luoba Nationality in this area will circumambulate Lang Co Lake to worship in slack season in farming and circumambulate Lang Co Lake to pray and appeal at spring plough and autumn harvest. If there is a new born baby in the family, the first thing for the family after the baby's completion of the first month of life is to take the baby to circumambulate Lang Co Lake while chanting scripture sincerely. It is said that there was no lake at the place of present Lang Co Lake. So, how did this lake appear later? There is a beautiful legend about that.

Lang Co Lake – Legend

According to legend, a long time ago, there was a grand mountain which was covered by lotuses on the west side of Dongbu Village. This grand mountain was as high as ten thousand miles. On the mountain, there was a giant cave which can contain over ten thousands persons. At that time, ancestors of Luoba Nationality lived in the giant cave. In the giant cave, winter was warm and summer was cool. It was sturdy, endurable and safe. People living in the giant cave were very happy and auspicious. In the giant cave, there was happy atmosphere everywhere. However, with the passage of time, some ancestors of Luoba Nationality were no satisfied with the life in the cave anymore. They were eager to know more about the world outside the cave. Consequently, they decided to leave the cave.

When they were planning to leave the giant cave, there was an old reluctant to leave the sweet and limpid spring water in the giant cave. So she put the tasty water in the cave into a big bottle gourd. She intended to enjoy this water after going out the cave. It was unexpected that the old women had a bad fall when she just went out the entrance of the cave. Then, the bottle gourd with spring water knocked against a giant rock and formed a small hole. The spring water in the bottle gourd flowed out drop by drop. Wherever the old woman went, spring water flowed there. At last, the present Lang Co Lake formed there.

The legend about the formation of Lang Co Lake covers a mysterious veil for the Lang Co Lake. When you enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lang Co Lake in Tibet tour, the legend about it will give you more fun.

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