Juenang Monastery
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Juenang Monastery

Update: Jan. 15th, 2013

Juenang Monastery

Brief Introduction of Juenang Monastery

Juenang Monastery is the original monastery of Juenang Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. It is located at the mountain waist of Oubuqiong Mountain in Lhatse County, Shigatse Prefecture. It is at the altitude of 4600 meters. It was built in 12th century. The building of Juenang Monastery was directed by Gongba Tujie Zunzhu. There were over 20,000 monks in Juenang Monastery. On the Oubuqiong Mountain, there are over 2,000 practice holes and meditation rooms. In addition, there is a 27meters high pagoda. The pagoda is in the shape of Kalachakra Mandala, with 108 doors and 108 halls. The main Buddha statues enshrined in Juenang Monastery are the three statues of Xirao Jinazan and his two apprentices. On April 15th, Juenang Monastery will hold "Kalachakra Religious Dance" activity.

Construction of Juenang Monastery

In Juenang Monastery, there is a two floors high great hall which is 36 cylinders large and in stone and wooden structure, Tibetan style four floors high Larang (Living Buddha's living room), Dewa Jianxinkhang, as well as Lakhang (Buddha hall), monk's dormitory, etc. All of these formed the large scale monastery. In the best period of Juenang Monastery, there were over 20,000 monks. Unfortunately, Juenang Monastery was destroyed in the "Ten Years' Great Calamity", and precious historical and cultural relics in the monastery almost lost. In 1981, the Party and the government appropriated funds to repair Juenang Monastery. After repaired, Juenang Monastery recovered and inherited Juenang Sect. Now, the main statues enshrined in Juenang Monastery are the three statues of Xirao Jinazan and his two apprentices. Now, there are 18 monks in Juenang Monastery. Presently, Juenang Monastery has become important worshipping place for Buddhism Believers in Shigatse, Qinghai Province and Sichuan Province.

The most famous construction in Juenang Monastery is the Tongzhuo Qinmo Great Pagoda (also named "Qulang Pagoda). It is said that Gyantse Palchoi Pagoda was built following this pagoda. The building of Tongzhuo Qinmo Great Pagoda was directed by Dububa Xirao Jianzan. Dububa Xirao Jianzan became the abbot of Juenang Monastery when he was 35 years old. He managed the monastery for 17 years. Until now, the Tongzhuo Qinmo Great Pagoda has over 600 years' history. But it was destroyed in the Cultural Revolution. In 1987, with the help of Renzhuqin, local people funded over 220,000 CNY and rebuilt this great pagoda.

Around the Tongzhuo Qinmo Great Pagoda, there are many mounds of Mani stones. Among these Mani stones, some of them were caved with the "Sutra of Six Truest Words" (Om Mani Padme Hum); some of them were carved with Buddhism scriptures; some of them were carved with the images of dragon, fish, sun, moon, bird's head and animal's head; some of them were carved with images of Sakyamuni and Thousand-Handed-and-Eyed-Guanyin; some of them were carved with Yamataka and Pelden Lhamo. In addition, the walls of the pagoda were inlayed with small clay Buddha statues. All of these stone inscriptions and small clay statues are hard-won art products. Just as frescos, they are precious materials for researching Juenang Monastery.

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