Malang Monastery
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Malang Monastery

Update: Jan. 28th, 2013

Buddha Statue in Malang Monastery

Brief Introduction of Malang Monastery

Malang Monastery is located in Mana Village, Tuolin Town, Zhada County of Ngari Prefecture. It is at the mountain pass where is over 30 kilometers away from the Ruin of Guge Kingdom. It was built by Master Renqin Sangbu. It is one of the twenty-five monasteries of Tuolin Monastery. So, it is a good choice to pay a visit to Malang Monastery when you visit Tuolin Monastery in Ngari tour. I believe the Malang Monastery will give you different feelings.

In history, Malang Monastery was with two red palaces and 1 white palace. It ever played an important role in Tibetan Buddhism. After long history, there is only one red palace in Malang Monastery. Presently, there are 13 halls and building constructions in Malang Monastery (among the 13 building constructions, the Chamba Buddhist Hall is relatively completely protected), existing 3 monk's dormitories and some other rotting roofs and unpaved enclosure, 33 Buddhist pagodas (only six of them can be figured out shape and structure, and others are remains of pedestal or pagoda foundation), 74 cave dwellings, 11 sects of Mani walls near Buddhist hall and Buddhist pagodas, over 400 pieces of Mani stone carvings. The total area of Malang Monastery is over 5000 square meters. From the relics of Malang Monastery, we still can image how beautiful and grand it was.

Legend about Malang Monastery

"Malang" means "confusion or indeterminacy" in Tibetan Language. According to legend that in the end of 10th century, the Fire Monkey Year in Tibetan Calendar (in 996) when chose site for Tuolin Monastery, the lineal descendent of Tubo Zanpo, Guge King of Ai Song threw a piece of scripture toward sky. The place where scripture fall down would be the site of the Tuolin Monastery. When he first threw the scripture, the scripture fall on the site of present Malang Monastery. He looked around and found that it was with some deficiencies although the area around the site abounded in water and grass. He felt confused. Then, he threw for the second time. The scripture fall on the site of present Tuolin Monastery. There is other idea about the Malang Monastery that the Tuolin Monastery and Malang Monastery are mother and son, hence the name "Malang Monastery". The legends about Malang Monastery add more mysterious color to it.

Distinguishing Feature of Malang Monastery

The largest distinguishing feature of Malang Monastery is that it enshrines a large amount of Mani stones which were carved with Tibetan language and Sanskrit. Some of these Mani stones were carved with the Sutra of Six Truest Words (pronounced "Om Mani Padme Hum); some of them were carved with images of Buddha; some of them were carved with images of monks. To look from afar, the scene of Malang Monastery is very grand.

When you visit the Malang Monastery in Ngari tour, you not only can experience the rich Buddhist atmosphere, but also can appreciate the beautiful and valuable cultural and historical relics in the monastery.

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