Mendong Monastery
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Mendong Monastery

Update: Jan. 28th, 2013

Mendong Monastery

Brief Introduction of Mendong Monastery

Mendong Monastery is located in Mendong Village of Cuole Town, Cuole County, Ngari Prefecture. It is about 2 kilometers away from north of county town.

History of Mendong Monastery

The Mendong Monastery was built up in 19th century. In 1820, Aidong Danjie who was born in a herdsmen family in Xiaye Tribe (present Jiarong Village in Jiangrang Country) and his young sister cut their hair and decided to be monk and nun. At that time, both brother and sister lived and practiced in Mendong Stone Cavern in Mendong Country. Later, they went to and practiced in Tshurphu Monastery. After that, they went back to Mendong Country. Due to the effect of Aidong Danjie, over dozen persons in nearby tribes also cut their hair to be monks and nuns, such as Ba Gao, Mai Kani, Da Dou, Da Maini, Lani,, Luo Dou, Luo Maini, etc. From this time, the number of monks and nuns gradually increased. In 1867, Garma Edong Danjie put up tent in Mendong to preach religion. In 1889, Garma Edong Danjie died for disease.

With the great help of Qiaojiu Touren and Rewa Suoluo, people asked instructions from Tshurphu Monastery about the construction of soul pagoda and Soul Pagoda Lakhang. After got the permission of Tshurphu Monastery, people in Mendong started to buy materials for the construction of Lakhang and specially invited skilled stonemasons and carpenters from Lhasa to build the Lakhang. Under the help of local monks and local people, a new Lakhang (Soul Pagoda Lakhang) was built up. The area of this Lakhang was 50 square meters, and the height is about 4.33 meters. Three years later, the Kanpo in this monastery also built an Assembly Yard. The area of this Assembly Yard was 108 square meters, and the height of it is 3 meters. Later, the Kanpo also built new guesthouse and storehouse between the Soul Pagoda Lakhang and Assembly Yard. On the south side, there was a Mani Lakhang. On north side, there was nun's dormitory which was with over 30 rooms. The original monastery of Mendong Monastery was Qiaomu Monastery. The monastery was with square walls and with one gate on south side wall and north side wall. In 1997, Lama Luozhuo invested over 900, 000 yuan and the state invested 10,000 yuan to build a Qianmu (Thousands Buddhas) Lakhang which was with two floors.

The area of Mendong Monastery was 14800 square meters, and the construction area of Mendong Monastery was 2118 square meters. In the period of Cultural Revolution, the Mendong Monastery was greatly damaged. Later, with the help of the Party and the policy of freedom of religion, Mendong Monastery was rebuilt in 1984. After that, it was also enlarged for two times.

Present Situation of Mendong Monastery

Presently, there are 18 monks and 1100 pieces of cultural and historical relics in Mendong Monastery. Among these cultural and historical relics, there are 42 pieces of very important cultural and historical relics. Both nuns and monks in Mendong Monastery believe in Garma Kagyu Sect.

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