Tongmai Natural Barrier
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Tongmai Natural Barrier

Update: Mar. 1st, 2013

Tongmai Natural Barrier

Tongmai Great Bridge is available on G318 National Highway (Sichuan-Tibet Highway) from Bome County to Nyingchi Prefecture. It is located in Nyingchi Prefecture in the east part of Lhasa City. It is approximately 545 kilometers far from Lhasa City and about 140 kilometers far from Bayi Town of Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet.

Tongmai Natural Barrier - Tongmai Great Bridge Introduction

Tongmai Great Bridge is regarded as the dangerous natural barrier in Tibet. It is called the 2nd place with lots of Debris flow disasters throughout the world. It is surrounded by the high snow mountains, torrential rivers and beautiful lakes. The mountain soil texture is loose so that debris flow easily happened in this area.

Tongmai Great Bridge is the key project of G318 National Highway. It is designed as the suspension bridge with double towers on both sides. It spans Palong Zangbo River. It is approximately 258 meters long and 31.5 meters high.

Actually there was once a permanent bridge constructed by the armored concrete. It was destroyed along with nearby highways when terrible landslide happened on April 9th of 2000. At that time the south route of Sichuan-Tibet Highway was totally interrupted. Medog, Bome and Nyingchi Prefecture were isolated. Nowadays the Tongmai Great Bridge is a provisional engineering.

As of now Tongmai Great Bridge is protected and inspected by the army. Only one car is allowed to drive across the bridge at a time. Taking photos of Tongmai Great Bridge closely is not allowed.

Tongmai Natural Barrier – Accommodation

As it is very difficult to pass through Tongmai Natural Barrier, it becomes a unique and attractive scenic route along Sichuan-Tibet Highway instead. In general tourists would like to overnight in Bayi Town after passing Tongmai Natural Barrier. The accommodation condition in Bayi Town is fine. Both of the hotels and hostels are available in Bayi Town. Most of the hostels cost about 200 RMB per person per bed and provide the hot shower.

Tongmai Natural Barrier – Food

Tongmai Natural Barrier is actually about 40 kilometers far from Lulang Town. Lulang Town is available nearby G318 National Highway (Sichuan-Tibet Highway). It is the most prosperous center of Lulang Forest Sea Scenic Spot. We kindly recommend you the Stone Pot Chicken. Acted as the famous local dishes, it tastes very delicious and fresh.

Or you also could have some food in Bayi Town. There are more restaurants in different flavor in Bayi Town. We kindly recommend you to try some special food of ethnic minority's such as the corn, local wine, local barbecue and chilies, etc. The most famous dish of Loba ethnic minority is the roast mice.

Tongmai Natural Barrier – Shopping

There are no shopping ideas for you nearby Tongmai Natural Barrier, but we kindly recommend you to go shopping in Bayi Town. The great public commodity fair is held once every year. You will have a chance to find something you may be interested. On the other hand, you will have another chance to buy it in Lhasa City, too. Most of the stuffs in Bayi Town are also available in Lhasa City.

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