Niyang River – Geographical Facts, Natural Landscapes
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Niyang River – Geographical Facts, Natural Landscapes

Update: Dec. 4th, 2012

Niyang River Landscape

Niyang River is one of the most important tributaries of Yarlung Zangbo River. It stretches 307.5 kilometers from the west of Milha Mountain. Tourists making a Nyingchi tour will have the chance to witness the amazing river landscape of Niyang River.

Geographical Facts of Niyang River

Niyang River flows into Yarlung Zangbo River at the junction of Nyingchi County and Milin County. Stretching in the mountains, Niyang River has an obvious height difference. Its fall even reaches 2273 meters. The origin of Niyang River enjoys an altitude of 5000 meters. The average stream flow of Niyang River is about 538 cubic meters per second and the annual runoff reaches 22 billion cubic meters.

Natural Landscapes of Niyang River

Niyang River has been one of the must-visit natural spots in Nyingchi Prefecture for its breathtaking beauty. Its jade-green water and white sprays always made tourists be reluctant to leave. The origin of Niyang River is a large-scale meadow without any trees. But dense forests stand by the both banks in the eastern toward lower reaches. It looks more beautiful in the lower reaches of Niyang River with the widening of the river. It looks like a fascinating picture when the trees on both banks reflect into the clear water under the sunshine.

There is a famous natural scenic spot at Niyang River named the Rock Pillar in Mid-River. That rock shapes like a square seal with knobs. The villa-large rock stands solidly in the center of the torrents. Tourists making a Nyingchi tour here would always get off the vehicle and take photos for this natural wonder. The Rock Pillar in Mid-River is located at the middle reaches of Niyang River surrounded by high mountains. It is highly respected as the seat of the patron saint of Gongbu Area by local Tibetans.

Spring and autumn are regarded as the best seasons to visit Nyingchi. Tourists making a Nyingchi tour from Lhasa are highly advised to rent a good conditioned vehicle with an experienced driver in the consideration of safety though the highway between Lhasa and Nyingchi is paved with asphalt. Tourists have to climb over Milha Mountain Pass with an altitude of 5013 meters and the highway is relatively narrow due to numerous curves.

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