Shangquan River
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Shangquan River

Update: Dec. 31st, 2012

Shangquan River

Shangquan River is named as the shape of elephant of the origination. In Tibetan language, it is called Langqen Zangbo.

Shangquan River Basin where has created and cultivated the history and culture of the Zhang Zhung Kingdom and Guge Kingdom is the most important ancient civilization birthplace of southern Tibet. Due to the location of Shangquan River, it is border to Southern Asia and Central Asia, which was regarded as the crossroads of the communication and connection between home and abroad.

Shangquan River - Brief Introduction

Shangquan River is also called Langqen Zangbo in Tibetan language, which is the upper reach of Indian Sutlej River, the largest tributary of India. It is the major river of Ngari Prefecture of Tibet Region.

Shangquan River is originated from the modern glacier nearby west part of Himalaya Mountain Range, which the origination is approximately 5300 meters high. The water is flowing into the Indus River from the west of origination via Tsada County, Sipuqi (the main agricultural and pastoral area of Ngari), and Himalaya Mountain Range.

It is about 309 kilometers long covering an area of 22760 square kilometers. The natural environment around it features The alpine desert steppe, so that people there make a living by feeding Tibetan sheep and yar. The crops mainly includes highland barley, pea, and spring wheat.

Shangquan River - Origination

Shangquan River was named from the shape of elephant of the origination. The origination is located in Ngari Prefecture of Tibet region. It originated from the Gar County and flowed into the India via Tsada. The reaches of Shangquan River in India was called Sutlej River, which is the major tributary of upper reaches of Indian River. Sutlej River is approximately 1450 kilometers along and covers an area of 400000 square kilometers.

Shangquan River Shangquan River

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