Nu River
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Nu River

Update: Feb. 27th, 2013

Nu River

Nu River – Brief Introduction

Nu River is one of the largest rivers of southwestern China. The upper reach of Nu River is called Ngari River by Tibetan people as it flows through Tibet region. Nu River is originated from the south part of Tanglha Mountain of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It flows through the hinderland of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. After that, the first bay of Nu River flows through the shallow valley area of eastern Tibet and turns to the south after entering Yunnan Province. And then it flows through Nu River Lisu Ethnic Minority Autonomous Prefecture, Baoshan City and the Dai Nationality Autonomous Prefecture and finally flows into Burma. After entering Burma it is called Salween River. And then it continuously flows into the Andaman sea of Indian Ocean. It is approximately 3240 kilometers long in total, which from the headstream to the exit out of China it is 2013 kilometers long. It is about 650 kilometers long in Yunnan Province. It covers an area of 325000 square kilometers in total. Tourists will have a chance to see it if you travel to Tibet or have a Tibet tour along Yunnan-Tibet Highway.

When it flows into the canyon between Taniantawong Mountain and Bosula Mountain in Gyayu Bridge Area in Tibet it is named Nu River. The upper reach of Nu River of Gyayu Bridge Area it is called Tongqyu River. The middle reach of Nu River is available between the Gyayu Bridge of Tibet and Lushui County of Yunnan Province. After entering Yunnan Province, Nu River flows through Bilo Snow Mountain and Gaoligong Mountain. The height difference of the west part of Gaoligong Mountain is about 5000 meters and the height difference of the east part of Bilo Snow Mountain is more than 4000 meters high. The average height difference is about 3000 meters. There are full of deep valleys and big canyons, steep cliff and dangerous rocks. The river flows torrentially among the mountains and that it is why people call it Nu River. The elevation of the river surface is about 800-2000 meters high. The lower reach of Nu River is in Lushui County in Yunnan Province. The river valley is wide and the height difference falls to 500 meters high. The elevation of the river surface is below 800 meters.

Nu River Canyon is located in Lisu Nation Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province. It is about 316 kilometers long in total. The elevation on both sides of the mountain is over 3000 meters high. As its height difference is large and the speed is quick, the scene of Nu River is magnificent and beautiful. Year after year, the huge deep canyon is formed. According to the material, it is the 3rd largest canyon of the world. The other two largest canyons are respectively Yarlong Zangbo River Canyon and Grand Canyon Colorado.

In the Nu River area, there are about 20 high mountains which are over 4000 meters high. The dense mountains are very magnificent from the south to the north. There are full of lakes in difference shapes, rare flora and fauna, and high primitive trees, etc.

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