Lancang River
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Lancang River

Update: Feb. 26th, 2013

Lancang River

Lancang River – Brief Introduction

Lancang River is the name of one section of Mekong River in China, and it is one of the largest rivers of southwestern China. It is the longest river of Southeastern Asia, the No. 4 longest river of Asia and the No. 9 longest river of the world. Mekong River is actually originated from a mountain of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province and flows through Qinghai Province, Tibet Region and Yunnan Province. You will have a chance to pass by it during Tibet tour. The headstream of Lancang River is about 5200 meters long and the main stream is about 2139 kilometers long. When Lancang River flows out of Yunnan Province, it is named Mekong River. Mekong River flows through Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and finally flows into the South China Sea.

Langcang River – Features

Langcang River is approximately 2055.2 kilometers long in Yunnan Province, which the main stream of it is about 444.1 kilometers long. It covers an area of 37482 square kilometers and the annual runoff is about 10.7 billion cubic meters. The major branches of Lancang River are Ziqyu River and Gyequ River. One of the branches of Lancang River flows into Tibet Autonomous Region. The natural elevation difference is about 1544 meters high.

Lancang River – Climate

There are numerous high mountains, steep cliffs, lakes and marshes in Lancang River basin. Lancang River flows through the dangerous shoals, deep valleys, primitive valets and level lands, etc. The terrain is complicated. Influenced by the complicated geography, the climate in Lancang River Basin is cold and dry with strong wind. The annual average temperature is about 6.0?--4.0?, which most of the regions are under 0?. The temperature and the rainfall are both less from the south part to the north part. The temperature and the rainfall are respectively lower and less when the elevation rises, too. The rainfall is heavy in warm season but less in cold season.

The section of Lancang River Basin in Tibet is characteristic of the plateau temperate climate. The temperature is lower from the north to the south. The climate is dry and hot in the valley area under 3000 meter. The annual temperature is 10?, and the highest temperature is over 18? there. When the elevation rises to 3000-3500 meters high, the highest temperature is about 15-18?. The temperature is about 12-15? when the elevation rises to 3500-4000 meters high.

Lancang River – Geography

The average width of the Lancang River basin is about 80 kilometers. It is situated in the east longitude 94°-102° and northern latitude 21°-34°. The terrain is higher in the north but lower in the south. It is wide in the upper stream and lower reach of Lancang River basin but narrow in the middle stream. The upper stream is a part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It adjoins Tongtian River of the upper reaches of Yangtze River and lies about 4000-4500 meters high. The mountain land is 5500-6000 meters high. The middle stream is available in the high mountain canyon area. The mountain peak is about 3000 meters higher than the water level. There are full of steep cliffs and dangerous terrain. The lower reach flows through the area below the 2500 meters and the terrain becomes gentle.

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