Milha Mountain Pass
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Milha Mountain Pass

Update: Feb. 26th, 2013

Milha Mountain Pass

Milha Mountain Pass is located in the boundary of Mozhu Gongkya County in Tibet and Kongpu Gyangda County of Nyingchi Prefecture from Lhasa City. It is a place to have a rest halfway from Lhasa City to Nyingchi Prefecture. Many tourists regard it as the one of the reciprocal difficulties forward to Nyingchi Prefecture, and then Lhasa City.

Milha Mountain Pass – Brief Introduction

Milha Mountain Pass is about 5013.25 meters high, located in the way which must be passed from Lhasa City to Nyingchi Prefecture. It is the birthplace of 3 sacred rivers. They are Lhasa River and Niyang River. Milha Mountain stands high and magnificent so that it is regarded as the sacred mountain by local Tibetan people. There are many prayer flags and papers flying at the top of the mountain. The prayer flag are shrine and worship to the mountain, and the paper is all printed in the scriptures. There is huge stone statue standing at the top of the mountain pass. It was constructed and supported by Fujian Province of China. It is the only one landmark building of Milha Mountain, but also a historic witness of Han people and Tibetan people. Milha Mountain is also the boundary mountain pass of Lhasa City and Nyingchi Prefecture.

Milha Mountain Pass – Geography

Milha Mountain Pass is the important boundary mountain of the terrain, vegetation and climate on both sides of Yarlung Zangbo River Canyon. It is not only the watershed of the northwestern Lhasa River and southeastern Niyang River, but also the natural boundary of Oceanic Climate of Nyingchi Prefecture and Inland Climate of Lhasa area. It plays a very important strategic role in Tibet. The climate of the west part of Milha Mountain is cold and dry and the climate in the east part is warm and humid. There are plenty of forests resources.

Milha Mountain Pass is about 5013 meters high and usually covered by the snow the whole year around. There are some glacier ruins of ancient times. You will enter Kongpu Gyangda County of Nyingchi Prefecture after passing Milha Mountain Pass along Sichuan-Tibet Highway. Tibetan people wish the prayer flags could sent their devout desires to the heaven.

Milha Mountain Pass – Highlights

People who have passed Milha Mountain Pass will tell you how terrible the climate there. We may see the blue sky and white clouds when we are standing at the foot of the mountain, but it may be changed cloudy when we drive to the hillside. And then it snows. The flowers and grass covered by the snow look like shining stars on the way. In the mean time, Manidui (Tibetan Sacrificial Altar – Manidui) are covered and disappear.

The high peaks standing far away are partly hidden and partly visible. They look magnificent but also graceful. As Milha Mountain is the way which must be passed to Nyingchi Prefecture, people built a stone statue over there and put many religious prayer flags on it. There is a simple washroom over there, too.

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