Northern Tibet Depopulated Zone
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Northern Tibet Depopulated Zone

Update: Feb. 26th, 2013

Northern Tibet Depopulated Zone

Brief Introduction of Northern Tibet Depopulated Zone

The Northern Tibet Depopulated Zone refers to the vast but rarely visited territory located in the north of Gangdise Mountains and Nyainqentanglha Mountains, and in the south of Kunlun Mountains and Hoh Xil. The Northern Tibet Depopulated Zone has an average altitude of more than 5000 meters and covers an area of more than 0.6 million square kilometers. It is wildly known as the Restricted Zone of Life for it enjoys an awful climate characterized by dry, cold and airless.

Northern Tibet Depopulated Zone is located in northwest Tibet. There is no human habitation except for the high mountains, primitive lakes, endless prairie and running wild animals. It has been a desolated and terrible zone for human beings since it is hard to survive the severe natural environment here. Some professional explorers were even lost in the Northern Tibet Depopulated Zone in history. Northern Tibet Depopulated Zone enjoys picturesque natural landscapes with blue sky and colorful land. The atmosphere here has high transparency since there is no air pollution at all. But the high visibility here always leaves human beings an illusion in distance. It always takes a pretty long time to get to a lake which looks just in front of your eyes.

Climate of Northern Tibet Depopulated Zone

The climate of Northern Tibet Depopulated Zone is characterized by strong ultraviolet and short sunshine duration. There is no distinctive spring, summer, autumn or winter here and there are only two seasons in this area – the cold season and the warm season. In fact, the temperature here is much lower compared to the other regions in the same latitude. The annual average temperature here is -0.9-0.3 Celsius. The rainfall in Northern Tibet Depopulated Zone mainly happens between May and September, in which period there is frequent night rainfall, thunderstorm and hailstone. In a word, the climate here is pretty changeable in the rainy season. The period between November and March is the dry wind season of this zone.

Natural Environment of Northern Tibet Depopulated Zone

Definitely, Northern Tibet Depopulated Zone is a giant natural wildlife zoo. There is endless grassland though the grass here enjoys a pretty short growth period. The gobi desert here also takes a large area. Explorers who've joined the Tibet adventure tours here said that it is easy and frequent to see herds of running wild horses and Tibetan antelopes. The other wild animals, such as the wild deer, Tibetan kiangs, Tibetan wild yaks and bears also run into their sight frequently.

The primitive natural environment in the Northern Tibet Depopulated Zone is well preserved for it is rarely visited by tourists. Though it is not suitable living place for human beings, it is a paradise for the rare wild animals in Tibet and also an ideal destination for tourists enthusiastic in the adventure tours. May, before the coming of the rainy season, is widely regarded as the best season to visit Northern Tibet Depopulated Zone for the road condition during this period would be relatively better. The wild animals are also in their most active state in May and visitors here could always catch some amazing pictures.

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