Southeast Tibet Nonmaterial Culture Museum
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Southeast Tibet Nonmaterial Culture Museum

Update: Feb. 11th, 2014

Niyang Pavilion in Nyingchi

Noted as a must-visit spot and a landmark building in Nyingchi Prefecture, Niyang Pavilion is also praised as the Southeast Tibet Nonmaterial Culture Museum which collects a series of invaluable historical and cultural relics. Both the cultural and tourism departments in Nyingchi Prefecture believe that Niyang Pavilion with rich Tibetan culture atmosphere could better introduce the nonmaterial cultural relics and the local folk customs to visitors from different corners of the world.

Southeast Tibet Nonmaterial Culture Museum is located in the Southeast Tibet Culture Expo Park, which is about 1.5 kilometers away from the county seat of Nyingchi. With a height of 39 meters and a construction area of 2800 square meters, the main building of Southeast Tibet Nonmaterial Culture Museum is a five-story pavilion called Niyang Pavilion for it is located by the famous Niyang River. Climb up to the top floor of Niyang Pavilion, visitors could take an overview of the breathtaking natural view on both sides of Niyang River.

There are 14 exhibition halls in the Southeast Tibet Nonmaterial Culture Museum exhibiting different Tibetan culture to visitors, including the folk costumes, farming culture, hunting culture, religion & belief, architecture and some other local cultures. Visitors here could also witness various historical and cultural relics discovered from the historical ruins, such as the Lieshan Ancient Tombs in Langxian County, the Taizhao Ancient City in Gongbu Gyiangda, the Xiuba Ancient Castles and the Tibetan Medicine Cave in Milin. The invaluable relics unearthed from these relics provide tourists a window to look into the ancient culture of southeastern Tibet.

A series of typical primitive production tools were collected in the Southeast Tibet Nonmaterial Culture Museum. These ancient tools present the unique life style and traditional culture of the Menpa people, Lhoba people and Deng people living in different regions in Nyingchi Prefecture. In addition, the local traditional handicraft exhibited in Niyang Pavilion is also of great attraction for visitors both at home and abroad. The handmade Thangka, Tibetan incense, stone bowl, Tibetan knife and some other exquisite handicrafts are popular choices for tourists willing to select some souvenirs for their families and friends.

It is said that Niyang Pavilion is the first pavilion on Tibet Plateau. The main building of the Southeast Tibet Nonmaterial Culture Museum inherited the ancient architectural style of the civil buildings in Tibet. Niyang Pavilion is widely regarded as one of the best points to take an overview of Bayi Town, which acted as the collection and distribution center in Nyingchi Prefecture. The accommodation and some other service facilities were greatly improved to meet the demand of different visitors in recent years. Tourists visiting the Southeast Tibet Nonmaterial Culture Museum could rest in different levels hotels varied in price and service. In Bayi Twon, there are also banks providing necessary service for visitors. Tourists willing to visit some remote areas after visiting Niyang Pavilion are strongly suggested to purchase the necessary equipments and food in Bayi Town.

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