Mt. Kailash
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Mt. Kailash

Update: Jan. 11th, 2013


Mt. Kailash is the main peak of Gangdise Mountains. It is one of the most beautiful and amazing mountains in China. Mt. Kailash is the second highest peak of Gangdise Mountains with an altitude of 6721 meters. It is located in northern Burang County in southwestern Tibet. Kailash means Mountain of God in Tibetan.

Mt. Kailash - Brief Introduction

Mt. Kailash stands in Burang County in Ngari Prefecture, Tibet. It is located on the border of China, India and Nepal. Mt. Kailash was praised as the top of Ngari. It is covered by snow and ice 6000 meters above. There are 28 modern glaciers on Mt. Kailash and there are more glaciers in the southern slope.

Mt. Kailash shapes like a pyramid with four symmetrical walls. Take a view from the south, tourists could see its symbol: the giant ice groove hanging vertically from the top of Kailash Peak.

Mt. Kailash is always surrounded by white clouds. The local Tibetans think that it is a big fortune if you see the top of Mt. Kailash since it is always hidden in the clouds.

Mt. Kailash - Holy Mountain

Mt. Kailash is about 200 kilometers away from Shiquanhe Town and is about 100 kilometers away from the Burang County seat. It breeds more than 250 glaciers is rich in water resources. It is the source of several famous rivers, including the Ganges River, the Indus River and the Yarlung Zangbo River.

Mt. Kailash is also one of the most famous sacred mountains in Tibet. It shapes like an olive piercing into the sky. The top of Mt. Kailash looks like a colorful crest which is surrounded by eight petals of lotus flower. Its body seems like been clapped by crystals.

Mt. Kailash is also the pilgrimage center of Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism and the ancient Bon. It was praised as the King of Holy Mountains. A lot of religious people from inland China, India and Nepal would come here to walk around Kailash Peak.

Mt. Kailash - Tourism Resource

Mt. Kailash is very mysterious that the snow at its sunny slope would never melt while there is no snow (if there is snow, it would smelt in the sunshine) at its shaded slope. That phenomenon is against the natural rule.

The majestic and towering Mt. Kailash is surrounded by numerous miraculous mountains. There are peculiar rocks, canyons, ancient frutex and clear streams. Mt. Kailash is always been surrounded by white clouds, it is hard to see its real appearance. The top of Mt. Kailash is covered by snow all year around. It looks really amazing.

There are five monasteries around Kailash Peak. Each of them has mysterious legend and rich cultural relics, including carvings, statues and murals.

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