Medog National Natural Reserve
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Medog National Natural Reserve

Update: Dec. 22nd, 2011

Medog National Natural Reserve

Medog National Natural Reserve - Brief Introduction

Medog National Natural Reserve is located in Medog County, Tibet Autonomous Region. It was approved to be built in 1985 by the government of Tibet Autonomous Region and was upgraded as a national natural reserve in 1986. It mainly protects the vertical landscapes of the mountains, forests and rare animals. It is the natural reserve which across the most natural zones in Tibet.

Medog National Natural Reserve - Geographical Factors

Medog National Natural Reserve is located in the canyon at the big turn of Yarlung Zangpo River. It covers an area of 62620 hectares and is 750-4800 meters above the sea level. The topography here is characterized by towering mountains and deep canyons. There are numerous waterfalls and streams distributed here.

Medog National Natural Reserve - Natural Resources

Medog National Natural Reserve is located in the subtropical zone, but it cultivates totally different vegetation forms and is of rich biological resources due to the particular geological environment. It was praised as the natural museum of Tibet. It is an important base for the research of the ecosystem in different climatic zones.

Plant Resources

There are more than 3000 species of higher plants in Medog National Natural Reserve, among which more than 40 species of them are named after Medog. Various species grows in the climatic zones between the tropical zone and cold temperate zone. There are also abundant economic plants and wild medicinal plants in the reserve.

Animal Resources

The dense forests in Medog National Natural Reserve provide superior inhabitance and reproduction environment for the wild animals. There are 42 wild animals in the reserve are listed as state key protective animal, including the macaca assamensis, hanuman langur, leopard pavo muticus and so on.

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