Segyira National Forest Park
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Segyira National Forest Park

Update: Feb. 22nd, 2013

Azalea on Segyira Mountain

Segyira National Forest Park is located in Nyingchi County and Milin County in Nyingchi Prefecture, Tibet. It covers totally 0.1 million hectares and even includes the west peripheral part of the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon National Natural Park. The forest coverage rate in this national park reaches 55.1 percent. It is praised as the Museum of the Plants for its rich plant species. There are 1046 species of plants in Segyira National Forest Park, among which there are dozens of precious medicinal materials, according to statistics.

Brief Introduction of Segyira National Forest Park

Segyira Mountain enjoys an altitude of 4700 meters. It must be an unforgettable experience to enjoy the sunrise at Segyira Mountain Pass. A large number of tourists making a Nyingchi tour from Lhasa would like to take a short stop at Segyira Mountain Pass to take an overview of Namjargbarwa Peak (with an altitude of 7787 meters, 15th highest peak above the sea level). It should be noted that Namjargbarwa Peak is always surrounded by clouds and mist. Winter is said to be the best season to enjoy the mountain landscape of Namjargbarwa Peak for there is always high visibility in winter.

The Sightseeing Deck of Lulang Forest Sea with an altitude around 4300 meters is located in the core area of Segyira National Forest Park. According to tourists who've made a Tibet tour here, the Sightseeing Deck is the best place to appreciate the cloud, forest and flower in the forest park and also the best place to enjoy the two noted peaks of Namjagbarwa Mountain (which is selected as one of the ten most beautiful mountains in China) – Namjagbarwa Peak and Gallaberry Peak.

Plant Resources in Segyira National Forest Park

With special geological condition and climate, Segyira National Forest Park becomes the paradise for numerous wild plants. It is researched that there are 1046 plant species growing on Segyira Mountain and that number takes 20 percent of the total plant species in Tibet. According to statistics, there are dozens of valuable medicinal plants, more than 20 fungus species and 150 wild flower species (among which there are even 16 species of lilies).

Segyira Mountain is quite noted for its azaleas. Various species of azaleas distribute widely in Segyira National Forest Park. It is said that there are about 850 species of azaleas in the world, among which 460 species of them could be find in China. It is measured that there are 170 species of azaleas in Tibet and 25 species of them could be find on Segyira Mountain. The azaleas in Segyira National Forest Park varies in color, including the yellow, white, purple, bright red, light red and pink. Tourists making a Tibet tour to Nyingchi between late May and early July (this period is widely regarded as the best time for shooting the graceful azaleas) will have the chance to see the amazing azalea flowers spark on the mountains with an altitude of 2900-5200 meters.

There is also a certain amount of endangered national protected plant species on the eastern and western slopes of Segyira Mountain, such as the giant cypress and rhizoma fagopyri dibotryis.

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