G214 National Highway
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G214 National Highway

Update: Feb. 16th, 2013

G214 National Highway

G214 National Highway – Brief Introduction

G214 National Highway is originated from Xining of Qinghai Province to Jinghong of Yunnan Province in China by way of Tibet Autonomous Region. Therefore some people would also like to call it Yunnan – Tibet Highway. It stretches approximately 3256 kilometers long. Different from other China highways, G214 National Highway is characteristic of the distinctive biological diversity, geological diversity and landscape diversity. There are rich in abundant natural scenery resources, mysterious religions and minority national customs along G214 National Highway.

G214 National Highway – Scenery

With the establishment of the high-level national highway system in China, the tourism resources of G214 attract more and more people. Even though it is not the longest highway of China Highways, it is still regarded as one of the most beautiful and amazing National Highways in China, as it shows the most natural phenomenon and humanity phenomenon of geographical environment in China on G214 National Highway.

The section of G214 National Highway in Qinghai Province stretches very similar with the Tang – Tubo Ancient Road. It has been the key communication way of the culture and commercial intercourse between Han people and Tibetan people. There are also many attractive ancient stories along G214 National Highway.

G214 National Highway connects Hainan, Golo and Yushu and climbs over Riyue Mountain, Heka Mountain, Ela Mountain, Gyanglu Mountain, Bayan Kala Mountain and Yankou Mountain, etc. Besides, Yellow River, Yangtze River and Lancang River are all available to see along G214 National Way. As a matter of fact, there are full of famous scenic spots on G214 National Way such as Xining, Yushu, Qamdo, Shangri-la, Lijiang, Dali and Xishuangbanna, etc.

G214 National Highway – Climate

It is characteristic of the unique climate diversity along G214 National Highway, which is attractive and hard to see in the world. Tropical Climate, Subtropical Climate, Alpine temperate climate, and Alpine frigid zone vertical climate are all available on G214.

For example, the lowest elevation of Xishuangbanna of Yunnan Province is only 485 meters high. It features the selva landscape. The elevation of Dali and Lijiang is between 1500 meters and 2500 meters high. It features subtropical sceneries. The average elevation of Shangri-la, Mangkang City in Tibet and Qamdo Prefecture is about 3500 meters high. The elevation of G214 National Highway in Qinghai Province is over 4000 meters high. It features the highland sceneries.

G214 National Highway – Rivers

G214 National Highway connects the cradles of Yangtze River, Yellow River, Lancang River, Nu River and Red River.

G214 National Highway – History and Culture

Along G214 National Highway there are about 30 Chinese Nations, such as Han people, Tibetan people, the Yi Nation, Baizu Nation, Naxi Nation, the Lisu Natioon, Acang Nation, Tu Nation, Pumi Nation, Sala Nation, Mongolian Nation, Bulang Nation, Daizu Nation, Hani Nation, Lagu Nation, Miaozu Nation and Qyang Nation, etc. Therefore the minority national custom is also one of the great attractions along G214 National Highway. People who plan a Tibet tour via G214 National Highway have a chance to enjoy different mysterious festivals and local activities on the way.

Besides, people live along G214 National Highway are mainly influenced by Han culture, Tibet culture and Taoist culture.

G214 National Highway – Mileage

Xining – 49km – Huangyuan of Qinghai Province – 142km – Gonghe of Qinghai Province – 484km – Mado of Qinghai Province – 821km – Yushu of Qinghai Province - 1021km – Nangqian of Qinghai Province - 1215km – Riwoqe of Tibet - 1320km – Qamdo Prefecture of Tibet – 1598km – Zuogong County in Tibet – 1756km – Mangkang County in Tibet – 1978km – Deqyen of Yunnan Province – 2162km – Shangri-la – 2344km – Jianchuan of Yunnan Province – 2470km – Dali – 2526km – Midu of Yunnan Province – 2570km – Nanjian of Yunnan Province – 2734km – Yunxan County of Yunnan Province – 2820km – Lincang of Yunnan Province – 2920km – Shuangjiang of Yunnan Province – 3084km – Langcang of Yunnan Province – 3203km - Menghai of Yunnan Province – 3256km – Jinghong.

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