Zezhol Monastery
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Zezhol Monastery

Update: Dec. 22nd, 2011

Zezhol Monastery

Zezhol Monastery – Brief Introduction

Zezhol Monastery is located on the Zezhol Mountain, about 37 kilometers away from the county seat of Dingqing County. It is said that Zezhol Monastery could be dated back to 2000-3000 years ago. Zezhol Monastery was rebuilt by a famous and eminent follower of Bon in middle 14th century.

Zezhol Monastery is of poor natural environment. It is the highest monastery in the world with an altitude of 4800 meters. The electricity is still not available in the monastery even today. There are about 200 Bon followers in Zezhol Monastery. The best season to visit Zezhol Monastery is between late June and middle August.

Zezhol Monastery – History

Zezhol means six peaks in Tibetan. The topography here is characterized by steep. As an indigenous religion in Tibet, Bon was finally replaced by Buddhism due to some historical reasons. Though it played important role in the politics and education of Tibet in a certain period, it has to hide itself in the faraway mountains to preserve its power.

A large quantity of Bon monasteries and followers were distributed in Dingqing County area. Zezhol Monastery is the most influential one with the largest size, most Bon followers and most complete Bon Regulations among the Bon monasteries in Kam Area.

Zezhol Monastery preserved the most complete systems and regulations of Bon, including the classic Bon scriptures, mysterious cultivate ways. The special Bon activities and dances are available in Zezhol Monastery even on today. It presents the most traditional and real culture of Bon.

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