Reting Monastery
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Reting Monastery

Update: Dec. 22nd, 2011

Reting Monastery

Reting Monastery was built by the founder of Gedang Sect in 1057. It is the first monastery of Gedang Monastery with a histort of more than 900 years. Reting means "eradicate all the problems and troubles" in Tibetan.

Reting Monastery - Brief Introduction

Reting Monastery is located in Linzhou County, 240 kilometers away from the north of Lhasa City. It is said that this place was a bare mountain without any plants. Sontsen Gambo watered the water on the mountain after he washed his hair while he making an inspection tour here. He also prayed for the mountain, then 25000 green cypress trees sprung here.

Reting Monastery was the first monastery of Gedang Sect of Tibetan Buddhism and it is the monastery of Gelug Sect now. It is the residence of the incarnations of Rering Monastery and the Seventh Living Buddha is still living in the monastery.

The incarnations of Reting Monastery did significant contributions in strengthening ethnic unity and safeguarding the unification of the country in history.

Reting Monastery - Architecture

Reting Monastery covers an area about 1667.5 square meters. The Coqen Hall and the Reting Lazang are the main buildings of the monastery. There are assembly halls, chanting halls and shrines take 666.7 square meters in Coqen Hall. Most of the Buddhism activities would be held in the chanting hall. Some Buddhism statues and scriptures are stored in the hall.

There are residence of Dalai Lamas and regents while they made their investigation tour in Reting Monastery. The statue of Attisha is enshrined in the hall. There are also sharipus of some eminent Buddhists stored in the hall.

The three-storey Reting Lazang covers an area of more than 1 mu. The first floor is storage, the second floor is the residence of the steward and the third floor is the residence of the incarnation of Reting Monastery. The residences of the Buddhists in the monastery are distributed like a half-moon.

Reting Monastery - Historical Relics

There are rich cultural and historical relics in Reting Monastery. It is said that the Dragon King brought gold pillar and jade pillar as the main pillars during the construction of the monastery.

There are 30000 old cypress trees around Reting Monastery. These old cypress trees are more than 1000 years old. There is a legend goes that Avalokitesvara once cultivated on the mountain and his hairs became cypress trees on the mountain.

There is also thatched cottage of Master Tsongkhapa on the back of Reting Monastery. He cultivated himself and completed his masterpiece here. There is still a large quantity of followers of Buddhism come here for pilgrimage.

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