Lulang Forest Sea
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Lulang Forest Sea

Update: Jan. 7th, 2013

Lulang Forest Sea

Lulang Forest Sea is one of the most attractive natural scenic spots in Nyingchi Prefecture, Tibet.

Lulang means "dragon king valley" in Tibetan. Lulang Forest Sea is 3700 meters above the sea level and is 80 kilometers away from Bayi Town. It is a typical long and narrow plateau meadow area. It is about 15 kilometers long and has an average width of 1 kilometer.

Lulang Forest Sea is mainly composed of bosk, spruces and pines. The neat and tidy meadow in the middle of Lulang Forest Sea looked like be carefully gardened by the horticulture workers. There are also winding streams flowing through the meadow.

Various and colorful blossoming wild flowers distributed on the pasture in Lulang Forest Sea. The special fences, houses and bridges formed a peaceful and beautiful idyllic picture. Look up into the sky, the changeful clouds would always leave you deep impression. The landscape formed by the clouds and the landscape of Lulang Forest Sea add more charm to each other and coexists harmoniously.

There are amazing natural landscapes at Lulang Forest Sea even in autumn and winter. The pines here stay in green all around the year while the leaves of other trees would turn to yellow from green and turn to red from yellow gradually. Tourists here would be surprised by the magnificent picture colored by nature.

The Tibetan dewellings scattered on the meadow in Lulang Forest Sea. The leisure animals, meadow, forest and the snow mountains form a dreamy picture where the immortals living in. Tourists here would always be slaves of the beautiful natural landscape.

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