Tanggula Mountains
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Tanggula Mountains

Update: Sep. 25th, 2012

Tanggula Moountains

Tanggula Mountains means "mountain on plateau" in Tibetan language. It is the watershed of Yangtze River and Nujiang River. It is well-known mountain in China, It connects with Kunlun Mountains. The west section of Tanggula Mountains are the watershed of inland drainage and exterior drainage of Northern Tibet, while the east section is the watershed of Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean water system.The south and north mountain foot of Tanggula Mountain are the source of Nujiang River, Lancang River and Yangtze River.

Tanggula Mountains - Introduction

The Tanaggula Mountains is over 150 kilometers wide. The main peak - Geladandong Peak is the headstream of Tuotuo River. This ancient and mysterious grand peak always the dream place of travelers and explores. According to legends, the Genghis Khan ever tried to lead army to the South Asian Subcontinent through Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. But the road was blocked by Tanggula Mountains. The bad climate of chillness and oxygen shortage cause large amount of people and horse died. The brave Genghis Khan had to return back. In 14th century, the western world described this plateau. The explores, missionaries and mountaineers came here one after another.

The altitude of Tanggula Mountain Pass is 5231 meters. It is the natural boundary of Qinghai Province and Tibet Province, and the highest spot on Qinghai-Tibet Highway. The snow on the peak of Tanggula Mountain will not melt around the year. Tens glaciers are crisscrossed there.There are famous four landscapes just in one day. The travelers have Tibet train tours would like to stop there to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take photos. Crossing the Tanggula Mountain Pass, there is a small Tanggula Mountain Pass whose altitude is 5010 meters. Later, the Tibet trains will come into the Qiangtang Pasture in Tibet. The continuous snow covered mountains, blue sky and green pasture on the both sides of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway set off each other, with the herds of yak and sheep on the pasture. The oxygen content in the air is only the 60 percent of plain areas.

Tanggula Mountain - Tanggula Mountain Railway Station

The Tanggula Mountain Pass is the highest spot on Qinghai-Tibet Railway. The Tanggula Mountain Railway Station is with three station tracks. It is a comprehensive railway station for both passenger transport and freight transport. It is the highest intermediate station on Qinghai-Tibet Railway, and the highest railway station above the sea level in the world. The waiting room of Tanggula Mountain Railway Station is equipped with large oxygen generation equipments.

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