Taer Monastery
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Taer Monastery

Update: Sep. 25th, 2012

Taer Monastery

Taer Monastery - Introduction

The Taer Monastery is located in the col of LIanhua (Lotus) Mountain, southwest of Lushaer Town, Xining. It is the birthplace of Tsongkhapa who is the founder to Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. It is one of the six great monasteries of Gelug Sect, as well as important historical relic of Qinghai Province. It is about 26 kilometers away from the Xining downtown. It is the largest Tibetan Buddhism monastery in Qinghai Province. Since the set up day, Taer Monastery gradually formed a unique system of monastery religious organization, monastery political organization and the system of monastery financial source, cultural life and so on. The aspect which can obviously show the perfect organization of Taer Monastery is the monastery fair. The fair is good chance for monks to learn scripture and good time to have fun.

Taer Monastery - Architecture

Taer Monastery was built in 1379, with 600 years history. It covers over 600 mu. The architectures of the Taer Monastery distributes on the slopes of the Lianhuan Mountain. The palaces layout in order and set off each other. The whole scene is very grand. The Great Golden Roof Palace, in the center of Taer Monastery, is with green wall and golden roof, very glorious and splendid. It is the main architecture of Taer Monastery. The Golden Roof Palace, Small Golden Roof Palace, Big Scripture Hall, Maitreya Hall , Sakya Hall, Yigu Hall, Manjushri Hall, Big Larang Palace, four scripture halls and the Butter Scripture Hall, Religious Dance hall, Living Buddha mansion, dormitory and some other architectures are well distributed, form grand architectural complex with Han and Tibetan techniques.

Taer Monastery - Features

The Buddha statues in the Taer Monastery is vivid and beautiful. The vivid butter scriptures, colorful fresco and splendid barbola are praised as the three distinguishing characteristics of Taer Monastery. The Taer Monastery aslo collets many Buddhism scriptures and scholarly monographs about history, literature, philosophy, medicine, law and some other aspects. The Buddhism activity held there in every year is very hilarious. Many travelers would like to take part in this fair.

The Taer Monastery is the Buddhism center of Qinghai Province and northwest of China and holy place of Gelug Section. The architectures of the monastery were well-arranged upon the mountain slope. In the monastery, there are towering ancient trees and forest of Buddhism towers. The scenery is very beautiful. The butter scriptures in the Taer Monastery are very vivid and famous.

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