Longtse County in Tibet
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Longtse County in Tibet

Update: Feb. 5th, 2013

Longtse County

Longtse County in Tibet – Brief Introduction

Longtse County is located in the north part of Himalaya Mountain Range in northern Shannan Prefecture, and the south part of Tibet Autonomous Region. In the north, it adjoins Langxan County and Gyatsa County. In the south, it is border on Menyu County. In the east, it adjoins Loyu County. In the west, it adjoins Tsome County. In the southwest, it adjoins Cona County. In the Northwest, it is border on Naidong County. In the northeast, it adjoins Milin County. Generally speaking, Longtse County is located at east longitude 91°53' - 93°06' and northern latitude 28°07' - 28°52'.

It covers an area of 10566 square kilometers. There are Tibetan people, Han people and Loba people, etc, living in Longtse County. The number of Tibetan people accounts for 99%. Longtse County is 3980 meters high. It is approximately 326 kilometers far from Lhasa City and about 147 kilometers far from Tsedang County of Shannan Prefecture.

Longtse County in Tibet – Geography

Longtse County is characteristic of the southern terrain of Himalaya Mountain Range. The terrain is higher in the west but lower in the east. The altitude difference is 2000 meters and the average elevation is 3900 meters high. It is the plateau temperature semi-arid monsoon climate zoon in Longtse County in Tibet. The solar radiation is very strong and the duration of the sunshine is very long. The temperature is relatively lower in Longtse County and the temperature different in day and night is obviously large. There is lots of rainfall in the night. In spring and autumn, there is a lot of strong wind. The duration of the sunshine is 2984 hours in a year. The frostless period lasts 125 days. And the annual precipitation is 27954 mm.

Longtse County in Tibet – Manufacture

The national handicraft industry is the major manufacture in Longtse County in Tibet. It mainly produces Tibetan carpet, pad, Tibet quilt, copper, silver, ghee bucket, bamboo stuff, Tibetan knife, Tibetan wooden bowl, Tibetan shoes and hats, etc. Besides, there are 5 mid-small sized hydropower stations in Longtse County in Tibet.

Longtse County in Tibet – Agricultural Products

The agricultural products in Longtse County in Tibet include highland barley, winter wheat, spring wheat, peas, turnip, potato, and rape, etc. The animal husbandry products include yak, cattle, horses, sheep, donkey and mule and pigs, etc. The forest resource mainly includes Himalayan pine, Sikang Pine, Himalayan Chinese fir, spruce, cyclobalanopsis, larch, Tibet cypress, sea buckthorn, abele, and the fir, etc.

Longtse County in Tibet – Tibetan Medical Resource

Tibetan medical resource is rich in Longtse County in Tibet. There are Chinese caterpillar fungus, Fritillaria, Rhodiola rosea, and Snow Lotus Herb, etc.

Longtse County in Tibet – Mineral Resource

The mineral resource in Longtse County in Tibet includes placer gold, manganese, Ferrum, copper, tin, antimony, and crystal, etc.

Longtse County in Tibet – Transportation

The major highway of Longtse County is 70 kilometers long, and the general road is about 500 kilometers long. The road nearly connects to every small village in Longtse County in Tibet.

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