Datse County in Tibet
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Datse County in Tibet

Update: Feb. 5th, 2013

Datse County

Datse County in Tibet – Brief Introduction

Datse County is situated in the southeast part in Tibet Autonomous Region and upper reaches of Lhasa River. There are full of high mountains, primitive forests, vast fields, deep valley and long rivers. What's more, there are also full of age-old monasteries with profound history in Datse County, for example, Gandan Monastery was firstly constructed in the AD 7th Century and acted as one of the ancestral monasteries of Gelug Sect. It played a very important role in politics, religions, architecture, and art, etc. Since 1961, it has been listed as the important cultural relics under the protection of the State. In addition, Tsayepa Monastery has also been built for more than 1500 years and acted as one of the famous monasteries in Tibet. Therefore it is characteristic of the high value of tourism.

Datse County in Tibet – Attraction

As Datse County is not far away from Lhasa city, some tourists would like to spend one day to trek there. As a matter of fact, we usually suggest our tourists to hike to Ganden Monastery and Tsayepa Monastery if they do not want to trek farther. Both of those two monasteries are as famous as other larger monasteries in Tiber such as Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, Potala Palace, and Jokhang Temple, etc, but they are also worthy to visit. There are few people so that you have a chance to have a relaxing and enjoyable experience nearby Lhasa city.

Datse County in Tibet – Natural Resources

Both of the natural resource and mineral resource are rich in Datse County in Tibet such as wild sheep, snow cock, Chinese caterpillar fungus, and fritillaria, chromium, copper, and gold, etc.

Datse County in Tibet – Terrain

The terrain is higher in the south part and the north part in Datse County in Tibet, but lower in the middle part. There are two high mountains surrounding Datse County respectively in the south and the north. The terrain of the middle part of Datse County is characteristic of the river valley. The terrain is characteristic of the letter of "U". The elevation of Datse County is 3685 meters high.

Datse County in Tibet – Climate

It is plateau temperature semi-arid monsoon climate zone in Datse County in Tibet. There is rich for the sunshine. The duration of sunshine is 3065.3 hours in a year. The air is thin and the temperature is relatively lower in Datse County. The temperature difference is obviously large in a day. The climate is dry in spring and autumn with strong wind. The frostless period lasts about 130 days. The annual precipitation is 444mm and mainly happens in the night in summer. The major natural disasters are drought and waterlogging, flash floods, hail, mud-rock flow, and plague of insects, etc.

Datse County in Tibet – Transportation

The highway mileages of Datse County are 235.54 kilometers long in total. It was calculated in 2003. The roads throughout Datse County are all opened to traffic. Besides, the mail service of domestic and overseas is available in Datse County.

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