Shenzha County in Tibet
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Shenzha County in Tibet

Update: Mar. 6th, 2013

Shenzha County

Shenzha County in Tibet – Brief Introduction

Shenzha County is located in the west part of Ngari Prefecture and the middle part of Tibet Autonomous Region. It lies in the area between Gangdisê Mountains and the Seling-tso Lake - the second larger lake of northern Tibet plateau. Shenzha County covers an area of 25546 square kilometers. In Shenzha County, both of the lakes and the rivers account for 23% of the total number of the acreage. The grassland covers an area of 24000000 mu (1 mu ≈ 0.0007 square kilometers) and it accounts for 40%. In addition, both of the mountain land and the desert area account for 37%.

Shenzha County in Tibet – Geography

Shenzha County belongs to the large lake basin of the southern Qyangtang Grassland. It consists of the hills, high mountains and basins, and the terrain of Shenzha County is relatively gentle. The height difference from the top of the hills to the bottom of the mountain land is about 300-500 meters. Some of the earth's surface is wind erosion. The lakes in the low-lying basins are usually formed by the water permeate from the earth's surface, and that's why they were formed in different shapes.

The average elevation of the south part and the north part of Shenzha County is over 4800 meters high. It is relatively lower in the middle part of Shenzha County in Tibet. It is only 4700 meters high.

In Shenzha County in Tibet, Seling-tso Lake is not only the 2nd larger salt water lake in northern Tibetan plateau, but also the boundary lake of Shenzha County and Bange County in Tibet. It covers an area of 1865 square kilometers. In addition, Gerentso Lake covers an area of 700 square kilometers. It is another beautiful lake here and also worthy to visit when you travel to Shenzha County during Tibet tour.

Shenzha County in Tibet – Climate

Shenzha County is characteristic of the plateau semi-arid monsoon climate of subfrigid zone. The air is very thin. The climate is cold and dry. The duration of sunshine lasts about 2915.5 hours and the annual precipitation is about 298.6mm. The natural disaster includes the strong wind, heavy snow, drought and earthquake, etc.

Shenzha County in Tibet – Transportation

About 80% villages of Shenzha County are opened to traffic. The total number of the traffic mileage is about 1505 kilometers long. Shenzha – Bange – Ngari Highway is the major highway in Shenzha County. In some ways, it shows more acceptable local life to you.

In addition, Shenzha County is situated nearby the long-distance bus station of Ngari Prefecture. There are some regular buses operated between Ngari Prefecture and Lhasa City, Dangxong City, Soxan County and Golmud, etc.

Shenzha County in Tibet – Local Special Production

Snow Lotus Herb is a kind of herbaceous plants in Tibet plateau. It is usually found in the iceberg and the snowfield, as it likes to grow on the mountains over 4800-5800 meters high.

Shenzha County in Tibet - Shenzha Natural Reserve

Shenzha County in Tibet is located nearby Shenzha County of Ngari Prefecture and established in 1993. Actually it is a paradise of the birds in Tibet, as there are almost 120 species of birds. How attractive the number is! Can you imagine how breathtaking it is when they fly together towards to the sky in the plateau? That's why large numbers of tourists would like to come here to see it by themselves I think.

Well, it is not only the largest protection zone but also the breeding base of the black-necked crane – a kind of bird under the first-class state protection. Shenzha Natural Reserve would be the most ideal residence for them over the roof of the world - Tibet.

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