Angren County in Tibet
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Angren County in Tibet

Update: Mar. 24th, 2013

Angren County

Angren County in Tibet – Brief Introduction

Angren County is located at eastern longitude 87.14 °- 87.75 °and northern latitude 29.17 ° - 31 °. It is available in the west part of Shigatse Prefecture, the upper reach area of Yarlung Zangbo River and the middle part of Gangdisê Mountains. In the east, it adjoins Shetongmen County and Latse County. In the west, it adjoins Tsoqyen County and Sakya County. In the south, it connects to Nyelam County and Tingri County. In the north, it connects to Shenzha County. In addition, both of the Latse – Pulan Highway and No. 219 National Highway are available throughout the south part of Angren County. No. 219 National Highway originates from the Karghalik of Sinkiang and ends to Latse County of Tibet. People who plan a Tibet tour along No. 219 National Highway will have a chance to visit Angren County. Angren County is about 4513 meters high and covers an area of 39620 square kilometers.

Angren County in Tibet – Climate

The climate of Angren County is much influenced by Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is dry and cold. The frostless period lasts about 60-100 days. The climate feature is different in the southeast part and the northwest part. In the river valley area of the southeast part, the climate is relatively warmer. The average temperature is about 4.5 ?. The highest temperature is about 12 ? and the annual precipitation is about 400mm. In the northwest part, the wind is very strong the climate is relatively colder. The annual average temperature is about 4 ? and the annual precipitation is about 300mm. The rainfall is relatively heavier from the June to the September.

Angren County in Tibet – Attractions

Angren County is proud of a long history and profound culture. According to the historical record, human beings have lived here since ancient times. They usually had a nomadic life at that time so that there were few cultural relics or records of it. Just some of the historic ruins of Ming Dynasty have been preserved till now.

Qiuwo Village

It was the birthplace of the 1st Panchen Erdeni (1385-1438) - Khedrup Gelebasang. He was the greatest disciple of Tsongkhapa – the great founder of Gelug Sect in Tibet Buddhism. He devoted his whole lifetime advocating Tibet religious culture.

Dobai Village

It was the birthplace of Tangdong Gyepu (1385 - 1509). He devoted his lifetime promoting art culture, architecture culture and medical culture. He created a Drama troupe featuring the speaking, singing, dancing, and playing the musical instruments at a time. It was successfully succeeded till now in Tibet region.

Rewuqi Tower

It is located at the center of Rewuqi Village of Angren County. It was constructed in 1390 accord with Tibetan religious style. It is 35 meters high. There are full of colorful murals in Rewuqi Tower.

Qude Monastery

Qude Monastery stands about 4400 meters high. It was firstly established in AD 1225. It is proud of a long history of 777 years. The founder of Qude Monastery was also the abbot. It was the largest monastery of Angren County and covered an area of 4732 square meters.

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