Gyali County in Tibet
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Gyali County in Tibet

Update: Mar. 24th, 2013

Gyali County

Gyali County in Tibet – Brief Introduction

Gyali implies the sacred mountain in Tibetan language. Gyali County is located in the southeast part of Ngari Prefecture between Tanglha Mountain and Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain in the east part of Tibet Autonomous Region. It covers an area of 13056 square kilometers. In the east, it adjoins Bianba County of Qamdo Prefecture and Bome County of Nyingchi Prefecture. In the south, it connects to Dangxong County, Linchou County, and Mozhu Gongkya County. In the west, it connects to Ngari Prefecture. In the north, it connects to Biru County of Tibet. The cultivated land in Gyali County covers an area of 4613 mu (1 mu ≈ 0.0007 square kilometers) and the woodland acreage covers about 342000 mu.

Gyali County in Tibet – Geography

Gyali County lies in the southeast part of Ngari Prefecture between Tanglha Mountain Range and Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain Range. It is approximately 211 kilometers far from Ngari Prefecture and about 537 kilometers far from Lhasa City. The average elevation of Gyali County is 4500 meters high. Gyali County is available in the typical plateau mountain land area. It is characteristic of the plateau continental climate. The annual average temperature is about -0.21 ?. Influenced by the geographic location and terrain, some of the villages of the northwest part of Gyali County are relatively colder in whole year round. The annual average temperature is below 0 ? in these villages, as the winter lasts half a year. Acted as one of the areas with heavy snow  of northern Tibet, there is lots of ice snow in winter and spring in Gyali County. In other few villages in the south part of Gyali County, the climate is gentle and the seasons are distinguish obviously. There is rich in the rainfall in Gyali County. Also, there are full of thick forests in the hillside and snow at the top of the mountain. At the bottom of the mountain, there are evergreen mountain lands. The air is fresh. Therefore Gyali County is also highly praised as "the little southern paradise of Yangtze River in Tibet".

Gyali County in Tibet – Resource

Gyali County is located between the plateau mountain land area of the northern Tibet plateau and the gorge area of the eastern Tibet. The terrain is higher in the northwest part but lower in the southeast part in Gyali County. There are many famous high mountains such as Ayila Mountain, Lugongla Mountain, Gyela Mountain, Gangpala Mountain, Chula Mountain and Bengxila Mountain, etc. All of which are the branch mountains of Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain's.

The water resource mainly includes the Maidi Zangbo River, Surong Zangqyu River, and Harenqyu River, etc. Maidi Zangbo River is the upper reach of Lhasa River. The famous lakes are Jiangnan Jade Lake, Cola Lake and Pengtso Lake, etc.

The mineral resource includes the gold, lead, crystal, and mica, etc. The wild animals include Antelope, blue sheep, argali, wolf, hare, fox, lynx, jackal, leopard, deer, deer, monkeys, black bear, and the badger, etc.

Some rare Tibetan medical materials are also available in Gyali County such as Chinese caterpillar fungus, fritillaria, rhubarb, and snow lotus herb, etc.

Gyali County in Tibet – Activity

Qyaqing Horse Racing Art Festival is held once every year in Gyali County in Tibet. During the festival, every Tibetan people will gather together and decorate the plateau grassland very colorful. In the evening, they will sing and dance around the bonfire. Many boys and girls will show their love to each other during the festival.

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