Qyusong County in Tibet
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Qyusong County in Tibet

Update: Feb. 6th, 2013

Qyusong County

Qyusong County in Tibet - History

Qyusong County was originally named Lagyali with age-old and profound history. It was individually managed by the King Lagyali – the generation of Songtsen Gampo and Princess Wencheng in Shannan Prefecture. In 1956 Lagyali was changed into Lagyali County. As Sepu River, Gyangzha River, and Gongpu River were all called Qusong in Tibetan language and flew through Qusong County, the name of Lagyali has been changed into Qusong County in the November of 1965 till now.

Qyusong County in Tibet – Brief Introduction

Qyusong County is located in the north part of Himalaya Mountain and the south river bank of the middle section of Yarlung Zangbo River. The average elevation is over 4200 meters high. The center of Qyusong County is located about 3896 meters high and characteristic of the plateau arid climate. The annual average temperature is 8.7°. The duration of sunshine is 2920 hours and the annual precipitation is about 479mm. The center of Qyusong County is approximately 57 kilometers far from Tsedang Town of Shannan Prefecture and about 147 kilometers far from Gonggar Airport in Gonggar County. It is about 24.18 kilometers far from Lhasa City. There are Tibetan people, Han people and Hui National people (a minority of Chinese nations) in Qyusong County. The number of Tibetan people accounts for the 99.6%.

The crop faming in Qyusong County is major for the highland barley, wheat and rape. The breeding industry mainly includes the cattle, sheep and goat, etc.

Qyusong County in Tibet – Geography

Qyusong County is located in the valley area of the middle section of Yarlung Zangbo River. There are full of river valleys. It is surrounded by the high mountains. The terrain of Qyusong County is higher in the south part but lower in the north part. The average elevation is about 4200 meters high.

There are about 150 mountains which are more than 4500 meters high in Qyusong County. The highest mountain is 5948 meters high. Budangla Mountain and Yadui Tala Mountain in Qyusong County are both the mountain branches of Himalaya Mountains. The two mountains stretch from the north to the south.

Qyusong County in Tibet – Climate

Qyusong County is located in the plateau temperature semi-arid monsoon climate zone. There is a lot of sunshine and strong solar radiation. The temperature difference in day and night is obviously large. There is lots of strong wind in winter and spring. The rainfall mainly happens at night in summer. The duration of sunshine in Qyusong County is about 3071 hours. The frostless period lasts about 110 days. And the annual precipitation is about 470 mm.

Qyusong County in Tibet – Water Resource

Qyusong County in Tibet is rich in the water resource. There are full of 43 rivers in the county. The runoff volume is 8473 cubic meters. There are 31 highland lakes in the county, which cover an area of 50000 square kilometers.

Qyusong County in Tibet – Attractions

Lagyali Palace was firstly constructed in the 13th Century, located over 4000 meters high in the southern Qyusong County. The architecture feature has a high value to research. There are other attractions in Qyusong County in Tibet such as the Summer Palace of the King Lagyali, The Grotto in Lo Village, and Sewu Hot Spring, etc.

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