Top 3 Western Food Restaurants in Lhasa
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Top 3 Western Food Restaurants in Lhasa

Update: Jan. 23rd, 2013

Western Food in Lhasa

Numerous restaurants provide various styles of food were opened in Lhasa to meet the demand of tourists from different regions of the world. Some of the tourists making a Tibet tour would like to take the local Tibetan style food as their main food so as to better explore the local catering culture during the stay in Lhasa while the others would also like to take their familiar food since the local diets might be too different from their familiar food. Tibet Tour would like to recommend the top 3 western food restaurants in Lhasa for tourists' reference.

Top 3 Western Food Restaurants in Lhasa – Tibet Steak House

Tibet Steak House is the most famous one among the top 3 western food restaurants in Lhasa. Though Tibet Steak House is a restaurant provides western food, the decoration here presents a typical Tibetan style. Tourists pay a visit here would firstly be impressed by the Tibetan style lamps which create a deep Tibetan flavor atmosphere.

Tibet Steak House also enjoys high reputation among tourists who've been here for its comfortable environment and tasty food. The Fried Yoghurt and the Steppe Roast Mutton Chop are the most noted specialties in Tibet Steak House. The raw material of the Fried Yoghurt is the high-quality fresh milk of the cows cultivated on the natural prairie. The Steppe Roast Mutton Chop here really conquered a large number of visitors with its special color, smell and taste.

Top 3 Western Food Restaurants in Lhasa – Snowland Restaurant

With a typical Tibetan style outlook and interior decoration, the Snowland Restaurant provides local western food. Noted as one of the top 3 western food restaurants in Lhasa, Snowland Restaurant is quite famous for its relaxing environment. A large number of visitors would like to spend their leisure afternoon with a cup of coffee in the restaurant.

The Tibetan style tablecloth and thangkas would always leave visitors deep impression. It must be a special experience to enjoy the familiar food in a totally different environment. Tourists planning to pay a visit to the Snowland Restaurant during the Tibet tour should note that it is always overbooking in the lunch time and dinner time. So it is necessary to make a reservation in advance if you don't want to wait outside for a long time.

Top 3 Western Food Restaurants in Lhasa – Dunya Restaurant

Dunya Restaurant enjoys the best geological location among the top 3 western food restaurants in Lhasa. It is quite close to Yak Hotel, which receives a large number of foreign tourists every year. Unlike the other western food restaurants in Lhasa, Dunya Restaurant enjoys a typical European style decoration. The local western style food, decoration and service always make visitors feel at home.

To meet the appetite of tourists from western countries, Dunya Restaurant hired experienced chef from Europe. Dunya Restaurant is quite noted for its various desserts, especially its cheese dumplings. Besides, visitors here could also enjoy its most popular specialty – yak burgers and pizza. Tourists are strongly suggested to make a reservation previously for Dunya Restaurant is always crowded with visitors on the dinner time.

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