Advice of Clothes, Food and Notes during Tibet Tour
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Advice of Clothes, Food and Notes during Tibet Tour

Update: Jul. 23rd, 2013


Advice of Clothes, Food and Notes during Tibet Tour


Due to the high altitude of Tibet and lower temperature than other main lands of China, you'd better take enough warm clothes whatever the seasons you come to Tibet. The overall temperature of Namtso Lake and Mt. Everest Base Camp is lower than other areas of Tibet even in July, August and September. It is rainy season from July to September in Tibet in general. When comes to the middle period of September, the weather condition may become better while more sunny days appear.

The suitable coats, comfortable pants and soft trekking shoes should be waterproof because they are important for tourists during Tibet tour. During the rainy season, the down jacket and fleece are both useful if you travel in Lhasa City and Nyingchi Prefecture. The soft and flexible trekking shoes are helpful when you walk on the rough road. In addition, personal sleeping bags are also required especially overnight in Mt. Everest Base Camp and Rongbuk Monastery, because the accommodation condition there is not as good as it in Lhasa City.


Generally speaking, Sichuan Restaurant is everywhere in Tibet. So, you will have a chance to taste the spicy food in Tibet. It costs you about 1-2 US dollars for breakfast, 10-15 US dollars per person for lunch and dinner. Some of the famous restaurants are kindly suggested for your reference.

Firstly, the restaurant of the western suburb of Lhasa City is famous for the hot pot. It is close to Potala Palace. Secondly, some restaurants near Nyangre Road are famous for the Sichuan food. Thirdly, some small restaurants along the road between Barkhor Street and Yak Hotel are also suggested to you.

If you prefer to taste the food of Tibetan flavor or Nepalese flavor, you can visit Ganglamedo Bar near Yak Hotel or Makye-ame Bar. The famous Tibetan food is butter tea, fry mutton chop, Tibetan steamed stuffed bun, and yak meat, etc.


The cold cures such as febrifuge, anti-inflammatory drug, and antibiotic, traumatic, and other medicines for high altitude sickness relief such as Rhodiola rosea. Rhodiola rosea is kindly suggested to eat 1 week in advance.

Other healthy advice

Keeping warm is important while you travel in Tibet. The sunglasses, skin care products, sunscreen cream and sunhat are helpful and useful in Tibet because of the strong sunlight and solar radiation. The contact lens is not suggested because the healthy condition in Tibet is not good enough. Sometimes ladies' physiological cycle may be change ahead of time or postpone, so that it is better to take enough physiological hygienic products.

Bank and ATM

The cash is more convenient than credit card in Tibet.

Other advice

The pens and school bags are both more useful than cash to Tibetan kids if you meet some poor Tibetan children who ask you for something in Tibet.

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