Top 3 Tibetan Souvenirs during Tibet Tour
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Top 3 Tibetan Souvenirs during Tibet Tour

Update: Mar. 8th, 2013

Tibetan blanket

Top 3 Tibetan Souvenirs during Tibet Tour

The woolen picture

The woolen picture is a special and unique Tibetan culture and art. It is made of an entire sheepskin and other materials. It is drawn by the unalloyed natural stone. It is totally hand-made. Tibetan people would like to draw their daily life and record the culture elements on it. It is very vivid and exquisite. The third dimension of the woolen picture is very strong, which impressed many people. Therefore, the woolen picture which shows Tibetan people's ancient life is a treasure to the archaeologists and the historians. We can imagine the social life and understand the personality of ancient Tibetan people at that time with the help of those woolen pictures.

The frame decorations of the woolen picture are exquisite and easily preserved. It is one of the best home improvements for Tibetan people. It is commonly recommended to foreign tourists as a gift for friends and families. It is worth collecting.

Material: soft sheepskin, mineral pigment, wood and other materials.

Category: landscape painting, figure painting and religious painting.

Tibetan blanket

Tibetan blanket is a traditional handicraft work in Tibet history. It is well known not only for China, but also famous in the Kingdom of Nepal, India, and the Kingdom of Bhutan. It is regarded as the No. 3 famous blanket in the world. Tibetan blanket is characteristic of different national style in different regions of Tibet. Tibetan blanket includes Tibetan carpet, Tibetan tapestry, Tibetan harness mat, and the decorations of the head of the large animal's, etc.

It is very colorful of Tibetan blanket. It is soft and smooth, which is acceptable to touch your face. As it is durable and damp-proof, Tibetan blanket is not only a wonderful home improvement, but also comfortable bedding for Tibetan people. If you have a chance to visit a Tibetan family during Tibet tour, you will find it hanging on the wall or putting on the bed. In addition, each of the handmade Tibetan blanket is unique so that it is worth collecting, too.

Material: Yak woolen, wool sheep, canvas, leather, roebuck hair, and highland barley stalk, etc.

Category: Tibetan carpet, cushion for leaning on, seat cushion, and tapestry, etc.

Tips: please pay attention to the damage by worms.

Tibetan incense

It is necessary for Tibetan people to worship, pilgrim, and drive out evil spirits and hold the religious ceremonies. Tibetan incense is durable balmy, which makes people feel relaxed. There are many legends of Tibetan incense succeeded since ancient times.

Tibetan incense strongly harmonizes the features of Yin and Yang, the nature and the human beings. It is characteristic of promoting the metabolism and improving the immunologic function, etc.

The famous Tibetan incense is produced by Nimu County. It has more than 1300 year's history, which regarded as the ancestor of Tibetan incense. You will find it everywhere in a religious ceremony during Tibet tour, as it is one of the top 3 highest grade for Tibetan people to enshrine and worship.

Material: cypress, red and white sandalwood, elm, syzygium aromaticum, and Tibetan medicine, etc.

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