Tips of Visiting Barkhor Street
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Tips of Visiting Barkhor Street

Update: Feb. 4th, 2013

Barkhor Street

The Barkhor Street formed and developed with the construction of Jokhang Temple. Until now, it has over 1300 years' history. It is famous circumambulation and business center of Lhasa. There are some tips of visiting Barkhor Street about the direction of circumambulation at Barkhor Street and shopping at Barkhor Street.

Tips of Visiting Barkhor Street – Direction of Circumambulation

When circumambulate at Barkhor Street, you should walk clockwise. In the morning and in the evening, there are more pilgrims on Barkhor Street. At this time, you can feel the rich religious atmosphere of Barkhor Street. But you should carefully take care of your property when wander at Barkhor Street

You are not suggested to wander at Barkhor Street too late. After 6 0'clock in the evening, the Barkhor Street is a common pedlars' market where mainly selling small retail items. In addition, there are many valleys and branch roads at Barkhor Street. If you do not very familiar with this street, it is very easy to get lost since the light in night is very dark.

Tips of Visiting Barkhor Street – Shopping at Barkhor Street

There are many stalls and shops selling various goods at Barkhor Street. Hence, the Barkhor Street is also the business center of Lhasa. Many travelers would like to buy some tourism souvenirs for relatives and friends at the Barkhor Street when have Tibet tour. But there are some tips about shopping at Barkhor Street you should pay attention to.

Due to some unknowable reasons, venders at Barkhor Street think that the old thing can get a better price. So, they often say something new is old thing. In fact, it is just a kind of affirmation to the value of this thing. It does not mean that there is something wrong with their discretion.

When shopping at Barkhor Street, you should bargain with venders. In general, the price of a same thing will be tagged different princes on different stalls. Consequently, you are highly suggested to ask more stalls before buying. There are various goods at Barkhor Street. But many things are mimics, so you are suggested to know more about these things or consult some specialists if you want to buy some precious things at Barkhor Street in our Tibet tour, such as Dzi Bead. When buy tourism souvenirs at Barkhor Street, the most important thing you should keep in your mind is to bargain so that you may get a more reasonable price. But you should take away the thing if the seller agrees with the price you gave after bargaining. Furthermore, please take some small changes with you when shopping at Barkhor Street, or you may be asked to buy something you do not really want.

According to ancient custom, the venders in Tibet will give a more preferential price to the first and last customer in the day. Then, they will pat some goods on the stall with the money from the first customer in the day which means bring in wealth and treasure.

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