Tibet Tour in October – Yamdrok Yumtso
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Tibet Tour in October – Yamdrok Yumtso

Update: Mar. 22nd, 2012

Yamdrok Yumtso

Tibet in October is the most beautiful time in a year, when the white clouds floating on the clear blue sky. In October, the Yamdrok Yumtso (Yamdrok Lake) - one of three holy lakes of Tibet - also comes to its most beautiful season. If you come to visit Tibet in October, please do not miss it.

Tibet Tour in October – Introduction of Yamdrok Yumtso

The altitude of the Yamdrok Yumtso is 4410 meter. It is 130 kilometers long on the east and west line, 70 kilometers wide on the south and north line, the lakeshore line is 250 kilometers long, and total area is 638 square kilometers. It is the largest inland river on the northern side of the Himalayas. Many visitors to Tibet will come here to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the holy lake on their way to Shigatse.

Tibet Tour in October – Beautiful Scenery of Yamdrok Yumtso

The Yamdrok Yumtso is praised as the most beautiful water in the world. In Tibetan language, the "yam" means upper side, "drok" means pasture, "yum" means jade, and "tso" means lake. So the whole Yamdrok Yumtso means the green jade lake on the upper side pasture. This is the explanation about the Yamdrok Yumtso from the world. But, the Yamdrok Yumtso is regarded as "the turquoise earbob of fairy" by Tibetans.

No matter you stand at which part of the lake, you can't see the full view of the Yamdrok Yumtso

The Yamdrok Yumtso is located in a giant lake, with Kongmutso, Chentso and Bajiutso together. The four sisters link together, and formed the boundless holy lake. The body of Yamdrok Yumtso wanders among the mountains, lasting over 130 kilometers. Only on the map or on the plane, you will find it looks like an earbob on the ear of mountain. When the sunshine reflects on the lake surface in different time, it will show different blue, which very fantastic.

The scenery of Yamdrok Yumtso is very beautiful. When you stand on the top of Gang Bara Mountain and look at it from south, it just like a sapphire embedded in the mountains. The dark blue lake is as smooth as mirror and the clouds and snow mountains reflect on the surface. The beautiful scenery of lake and mountains reflects each other, looks very wonderful. On the lake sides, you can see lush grass, and herds of cattle and sheep. All of these will give you very wonderful feeling.

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