Shannan Tour – Local Special Products of Shannan
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Shannan Tour – Local Special Products of Shannan

Update: Nov. 30th, 2012

Shannan Handicraft

The national industry of Shannan has long history. It is said that the handicrafts made in Shannan were used by royal family and noblemen in Tubo Kingdom before 6th century. So, how could you miss these delicate handicrafts in your Shannan tour?

Shannan Tour – Qiongjie Jade

The jade products in Tibet can be divided into corundum and nephrite based on texture. The corundum mainly comes from Shigatse Renbu, and the neighrite mainly come from Shannan Qiongjie. The Qiongjie Jade is very gentle and smooth. The Qiongjie Jade Carving Factory, located in Qiongjie Town, produces bracelets, necklace, butter lamp, censer and other hundreds products.

Shannan Tour – Jiacha Stone and Wooden Products

Jiacha abounds in graphite which texture is gentle. The foods cooked by the graphite pot are very tasty. Furthermore, the stone pot and stone bowl are with delicate shape and patterns. They are famous local special products. Except for stone products, the wooden bowl and wooden bucket of Jiacha are delicate products for its material, techniques, color and carving. In addition, the walnut of Jiacha is also well-know.

Shannan Tour- Zhanang Knitting

As early as Tubo Period, the industry in Zhanang was very prosperous. There were many craftsmen from every district of Tibet and factories of porcelain, pottery, gold, silver, copper and iron product, textile, knit, papermaking, etc. All of these products were provided to upper class in Tubo Period. Now, you still can see some relics of these factories in Zhanang.

The manual apron of Jiedexiu is very bright, colorful and durable. It is famous product of Tibet. The Qusong Cardian is with long history, in the style of simple and pure.

Shannan Tour – Yamdrok Dried Meat

The dried meat is one of staple food of Tibetan herdsmen. It is strips of beef and mutton dried by wind. In the area around Yamdrok Lake, there is a special room for drying meat in each family. This room will be used in October in Tibetan Calendar. The dried meats mainly are mutton. The various wild plants around Yamdrok Lake and the subsaline water in Yamdrok Lake make mutton slightly salty. The dried meat is good food to entertain guests.

In addition, the local special products of Shannan also include Tibetan Incense in Minzhulin Monastery, carpet, Cardian and Tibetan quilt in Naidong County, Tibetan pastry, Cardian of Qusong County, Butter Tea Bottle of Shangyiu, stone products of Sangri County, wooden bowl of Cuona County, Lagong ghee in Longzi County, silver Tibetan knife, silver tea service, etc.

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