Strategies of Shannan Tour
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Strategies of Shannan Tour

Update: Nov. 30th, 2012

Scenery of Shannan

Strategies of Shannan Tour – Accommodation

The accommodation in Shannan mainly gathers on Naidong Road in Tsedang Town. There are small guesthouses and star standard hotels, such as Tsedang Hotel and Tsedang Yulong Holiday Hotel. When have Shannan tour, you can choose suitable one based on your requirements.

Strategies of Shannan Tour – Dining

Different from other prefectures of Tibet, the foods in Shannan mainly are Sichuan Dishes. You will see various restaurants operated by Sichuan people in Shannan. In general, the cost of dining in Shannan is not very expensive. You may have a nice meal with about 20 CNY. The decoration of these restaurants almost shows strong nationality characteristic. When you have Shannan tour, you should not miss the local distinctive Tibetan dishes, such as Tibetan Sausage, barley wine and butter tea, dried beef and mutton, Cold Sliced Yak Tongue, steamed bread with stuffing, tsamba, various pastries, as well as sweet tea, milk tea, yoghurt, etc.

Strategies of Shanna Tour – Shopping

Except for various Tibetan local special products, there are Tibetan Incense of Minzhulin Monastery and Jiacha walnut on sale in Shannan. During your Shannan tour, you can choose several tourism souvenirs, such as gold and silver ornaments in Tibetan style, Thangka, Tibetan carpet, Tibetan incense, Tibetan mask, etc.

Strategies of Shannan Tour – Transportation

When you have Shannan tour, you can first reach Lhasa by flight or train, and then take bus to Tsedang, the capital of Shannan. The distance between Lhasa and Tsedang is about 200 kilometers. The price of bus ticket is about 27 CNY.

Go toward east from Qushui River Bridge to Tsedang Town, there are two highways to south which separately leads to Yumbu Lakhang and Trandruk Monastery and Tombs of Tibetan Kings.

Drive toward west or take boat for 20 kilometers, you will reach the Samye Monastery on north bank of Yarlung River. On the way, you will enjoy the famous Gongburi Mountain (on east of Tsedang) and Quguori mountain (on south side of Qushui River Bridge).

Go toward east for 30 kilometers from Tsedang, you will come into the Lamlatso Scenic Area by ferry. This area includes Naidong, Sangri, Jiacha and Qusong counties. On the way, you will pass by the sight spots of Woka Hot Spring, Qulong Monastery, Lamula Lake, Qiongguojie and Lajiali Palace.

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