Shannan Tour – Strategies of Photographing Yumbu Lakhang
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Shannan Tour – Strategies of Photographing Yumbu Lakhang

Update: Dec. 5th, 2012

Yumbu Lakhang

The Yumbu Lakhang is located on southeast of Naidong County, east bank of Yarlung River, the mountain top of Tashiciri Mountain. It is said that Yumbu Lakhang was named after the mountain shape which looks like the hind leg of doe ("Yumbu" means doe; "La" means hind leg; "Khang" means palace). It is said that the Yumbu Lakhang is the earliest architecture in Tibet and the first palace in Tibetan history. Hence, it may be the must-visit sight spot in your Shannan tour. The strategies of photographing Yumbu Lakhang will help you to take beautiful pictures of Yumbu Lakhang.

Shannan Tour – Location of Photographing Yumbu Lakhang

If you start of Tsedang County, the best location of photographing the panoramic of Yumbu Lakhang is the hill on north side of the highway, about 700 meters away from the Yumbu Lakhang.You can photograph Yumbu Lakhang and Tashiciri Mountain where Yumbu Lakhang located on, mountains around the Yumbu Lakhang and sky there. The other good location of photographing Yumbu Lakhang is on the ridge of hill on north side of Yumbu Lakhang. You can go there to photography the panoramic of Yumbu Lakhang after visiting it. At there, you will have the view of front side of Yumbu Lakhang and the cornfield of the Yarlong River Valley at the mountain foot. In addition, the fields of barley and cole flower at the mountain foot are good location of photographng Yumbu Lakhang in summer.

Shannan Tour – Features of Yumbu Lakhang

The mark of Yumbu Lakhang is a barbican style architecture we still can see now. This barbican with red, yellow and white is located on the center of east section of whole Yumbu Lakhang complex. It is said that the Yumbu Lakhang is the earliest architecture built by Nyatri Tsenpo. Because it towers up on the mountain top, it is very conspicuous. The first floor is the xumizuo of the palace. On second floor, there is a small door leading to the roof of hall on the second floor. The third floor is the golden roof. This architecture is with thick walls and narrow interior space. It has been standing there for over 2000 years. It is protected by regarding as one part of palace architecture complex.

Tips: If you want to charter car to visit the Yumbu Lakhang, you are suggested to make an agreement about how long will you stay there with the driver in advance. After reaching the parking space at the mountain foot, you need to climb up by yourself. It will take about 15 minutes to climb up to the Yumbu Lakhang. Furthermore, you also can ride horse to the Yumbu Lakhang.

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