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Notes of Singapore to Tibet

Update: Nov. 6th, 2012

Tibetan Style Decoration in Trandruk Monastery

Singapore is an island country with a pretty low elevation while Tibet is a plateau with an average altitude of more than 3580 meters. Tibet Tour would like to provide some useful notes for tourists planning to travel from Singapore to Tibet. Information regarding the preparation work and how to get protected from the altitude sickness would be introduced.

Notes of Traveling from Singapore to Tibet – Before the Trip

Tourists caught a severe cold, hypertension and heart diseases are not suitable to go to Tibet. Most of the tourists would catch various degrees of high altitude sickness symptoms for the high elevation on Tibet Plateau. The following is the altitude of the most popular tourism regions in Tibet: Lhasa (3650m), Namtso Lake (4770m), Bome (2750m), Shigatse (3860m), Gyantse (3977m), Tingri (4410m), Rongbuk Monastery (5100m), Zham (2100m), Tsedang (3580m), Shiquanhe Town (4279m).

For the precaution of the possible altitude sickness, tourists planning to travel from Singapore to Tibet are highly advised to prepare some commonly used medicines which could help you to get adapted to the high plateau environment, such as Rhodiala rosea. It would be very effective if you take the Rhodiala rosea 15 days in advance. Warm clothes and sleeping bags should be prepared before the trip since there is an obvious temperature difference between day and night. It might be very cold in the night though it is pretty warm under the sunshine during the day.

Notes of Traveling from Singapore to Tibet – During the Trip

Tourists should keep warm during the stay in Tibet for the special climate condition on Tibet Plateau. Tourists are not advised to take a shower during the first days so as to avoid anoxia and get better adapted to the high altitude environment. Tourists traveling from Singapore to Tibet should not impose you in the strong ultraviolet radiation without the protection of sun-blocking cream, sunglasses and lip protector.

The local Tibetan food, such as Tibetan butter oil tea, yoghourt, beef and mutton, are helpful in helping you to get adapted to the high altitude sickness. Fresh fruits and vegetables would provide you necessary vitamins. Tourists traveling from Singapore to Tibet could not over eating or drinking after you arrive on Tibet Plateau so as to avoid putting extra pressure on your digestion system. Tibet civilization is deeply influenced by Tibetan Buddhism and there are a lot of traditions and taboos. Tourists are also suggested to do as Tibetans do during the Tibet trip.

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