Tibet Tour Notes - Currency Exchange in Tibet
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Tibet Tour Notes - Currency Exchange in Tibet

Update: Sep. 17th, 2013

Currency Exchange in Tibet

With amazing natural landscapes and attractive civilization, Tibet keeps attracting an increasing number of overseas visitors. As we all known, Tibet is quite far away from any other domestic cities in China and it is a relatively laggard than the other cities due to the limited transportation. Generally, tourists would spend around one week in Tibet. To avoid any unnecessary problems, tourists making a Tibet tour are strongly suggested to take the currency exchange matter into your consideration. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would like to provide the relevant information on currency exchange for tourists' reference.

Currency Exchange in Lhasa

Tourists who've been to Lhasa might have found that various banks stand by the streets in Lhasa. The most noted banks in China have opened their branches in Lhasa, including the China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China and Bank of China. Make the payment by credit card has been the most convenient way for a certain number of overseas tourists in Lhasa. Generally, the 5 star hotels in Lhasa support credit card payment, such as the Lhasa Four Points by Sheraton Hotel and St. Regis Hotel.

Most of the banks in Lhasa are equipped with ATM. Tourists willing to withdraw RMB cash from your card are highly advised to withdraw your money from the windows in the bank during their work time in case the bank network breaks down. Tourists who are not so familiar with RMB and prefer to make the payment in cash should note that only few hotels, restaurants and shops in Lhasa accept US dollar. Besides, the exchange rate might not be so satisfactory for you if you consume in these limited hotels and shops. To consume in Tibet conveniently, we always suggest our clients to exchange some RMB in the branch of Bank of China in Lhasa.

Currency Exchange in Shigatse and Nyingchi

Shigatse is the second largest city in Tibet which only ranks after Lhasa. It should be noted that only three banks have opened their branch in Shigatse City, including the Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China and China Construction Bank. It is said the ATMs in Shigatse are always out of work. Hence, it is a better choice to exchange the currency in the bank or hotel rather than withdraw the money from the ATMs in Shigatse.

Bayi Town is the economic center of Nyingchi Prefecture. There are standard hotels, shops and banks in this ancient town. Both the Agricultural Bank of China and China Construction Bank have opened their branches in Nyingchi. For tourists planning to do some trekking in the remote areas in Nyingchi, it is the best choice to exchange the currency in the banks in Nyingchi for it is hard to find a bank or hotel which can help you to exchange the currency in the remote depopulated areas.

Currency Exchange in Zhangmu Town

Zhangmu Town is a famous trade port between China and Nepal. A lot of business men from Nepal and India doing business in Zhangmu town with local Tibetans. Tourists making a Tibet tour from Nepal via Zhangmu town could exchange the currency in Zhangmu town. For tourists willing to pay a visit to Nepal from Zhangmu Town after their Tibet trip could also exchange some Nepal rupee in the small but prosperous town.

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